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I have been searching far and wide for new sources of Mimosa Hostilis. If you know of one please leave a comment about it. Through my searching I have found several options for purchasing MHRB in Europe, USA, and Mexico. Here is the rundown of what I have come up with so far. I will be placing test orders with each supplier to see how long it takes to get here and if it even does.

Seller Seller Country Time from order to Arrival 50g Price 500g Price kg Price Payment Options
Gaiana Netherlands 17 Days $20 $107 $176 Bank Xfer, Cash, Bitcoin
Edabea Spain 16 Days $20 $108 $171 Cash, Bank Xfer, Bitcoin, Security CC
Avalon Magic Plants Netherlands 15 Days $25 $110 $165 Cash, Bank Xfer, Bitcoin

***All costs include approximate shipping to the US prices will be be different depending on where you live. Also it is with shredded bark
**Prices Include discount for Bitcoin

Gaiana is a great seller and has been in the smart shop business for years so if you are looking they are very reliable.

Edabea is good. They are based in Spain and I continue to hear good things about them.

Avalon has a great product. I visited there warehouse and it is very professional.

Please Leave a Comment about your recent experiencing ordering Mimosa and let everyone know if you found a great source.

If you sell Mimosa Hostilis and would like to have it listed here please contact me by leaving a comment.
update: Thanks for sending me sources everyone who has. I won’t post them on the list until I do some verification but keep them coming!

Due to privacy concerns of some sellers we also have a private Mimosa Hostilis sellers list. This list is only available to subscribers. It is free to subscribe and it will get you several benefits.

  1. Exclusive Sources – A monthly emailed list of sources that is complete as I can find.
  2. Great Deals – Coupon Codes for use at some suppliers only available to subscribers.
  3. It’s Free. (I’m considering charging a fee for this list in the future but if you get in now it’s completely free. All I need is your email address.
This list will give you access to info on suppliers who are not listed anywhere else on this site. More Info Here

Updated 6/9/2016

263 thoughts on “Mimosa Sellers

  1. Mark

    You people who don’t know should know that since 2009 and even before USA homeland security receives packages especially multi kilogram to 15kg boxes from Brazil Via Corrieos Brazil, these are handed off to the USPS mail in Florida after a 2-7 week hold in a shipping container, at the end of the hold time homeland security cuts open the box fills a vial does a GCMS test and numbers the vial and reseals the box with Green homeland security tape in 2007-2009 they released the packages as not restricted and after the testing hold and delay they would finally get to you. Now larger packages can be trashed at best or door knocked at worst if they think you are doing extractions ICE can pay you a visit for sure!

  2. Brother Bear

    Ordered from Edabea on the 17th. Order arrived today.1Kg. Looks like it’s supposed to. Currently making dye 😉

    Thank you for this list Joey, it’s been 5 years since I’ve made dye. I appreciate your efforts sir !

    1. Brother Bear

      I’ve noticed the review I left in the Edabea forum was not posted. Wondering if that counts as a double post, or did I say something wrong ? Reason I’m asking is I received a email saying if I left a review on the review page here, I could get a discount next order 🙂 can you contact me by e-mail or even respond here. I’m not sure. And I’m sorry to bother you like this, I don’t know how else to contact you, and I know the posts are moderated. But well, the discount situation spurs me.


    2. Joseph Blaugh

      Just ordered from NuEnlightenment (200g for $150) and also from Realdye (250g for 150). Prices seem to be a lot higher than I’m seeing at the top of your mimosa-sellers page. Just letting you know.

    3. Freakshowtyedye

      Looking to dye some of my white shirts that have some stains in them purple let me know if anyone can help me legitly or not or if there are any better ways to get this stuff

      1. Jason

        Is the powder in the link to realdye mimosa hostilis? Their description is really vague. Just says purple dye.

    1. Zach

      Shamanconnection is good but had 1 package held by customs from the origin country. 2 eBay sellers are good. 1 from USA and one international from Germany. USA seller product is extreamly good( 4 times ordered) from nuwisdom. Thedreamcatcher eBay from Germany is good but takes a bit to receive. Hope this helps some people

      1. Zach

        I ordered from edabea. Cc is a pain but worked. Received order within 11-12 days. Looks very good and smells perfect. Haven’t dyed any clothes with this bark yet tho.

    1. jim

      ebay seller ‘mirandmacdonal’ has listed:
      Mimosa Hostilis Shredded Bark MHRB Purple Dye;
      50g and up, starting at $50.

      Let us know how it turns out.

      1. Joey Jurema Post author

        I don’t see the account. Most of them I’ve seen on ebay have 0 feedback. I would stay away if that is the case unless you hear otherwise.

        1. Jerry

          Most of them do bc eBay pulls listings and I believe they create new accounts to keep selling.

  3. Ryder

    just to chime in myself.. I just ordered from mx.. He’s been very reachable via email thus far and I have a pretty good feeling about it.. Thanks in part to this very thread and a few like this one.. I’ve not had much luck not have I pushed it too much in the past.. I’ll let the group know how things progress.. Just really wanted to say that this forum has been very helpful and it’s appreciated as well.. Oh and I also wanted to ask about the updated list as well.. Thanx

    1. IcyMJ

      Did everything work out with your supplier? I’m not having much luck, I keep finding dead ends. Thank you!

  4. Ryder

    I too would like a current list.. I’m in Texas and haven’t had much luck online… Any advise would be great.. Thanks

  5. Trevor

    So if there is a legit company that is found, is it legal to possess in the US? I’m thinking about making a purchase but do not want to get arrested.

  6. Jimmy Z

    A friend and I went to northern Mexico in search of mhrb. Thought it would be a fun time. We both got totally robbed by police and sent to prison for 2 months for possessing a made up amount of “drugs”. We were tired of being robbed so refused to pay cops. Bad idea… Anywho… I’m in salt lake area and would love to be able to find it closer to home. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Dyeguy

    So i will detail more of my experience securing sources to this dye. Euro, Sirius is good but I have been hassled by customs. Decent product if you want to explain to customs what you have. Organicdyesuk is also a solid source, although quality is not so much like Sirius.

    Domestically I won’t give anything away to protect sellers. But here are some clues. When I dye I usually dye naturally these days. I dye on eBay, but Guatamalans be crazy. Good stuff though. Also odd ball listings here and there….HP as noted before. I have used them with success on other items, not mimosa though.

    Gave talked with Jose from .MX and has product intermittently. He always has killer bark though. And prices are reasonable.

    All in all anything a kilo or under I would dye naturally domestically. Anything more can’t beat Sirius, but organicdyesuk is also good.

    Oh as stated before in another post bonanza has a few suppliers as well. Although the one sells lots of stuff, and there mimosa is obviously stems and trunk bark, not roots.

    So there are some of my recent experiences going down the mimosa highway…

    1. meyek

      So you’ve gone with Sirius and the bark was good? And was it to the States? Just placed my first order with them due to prices. I live in the south and usually have not had issues with getting packages held in customs, but as this is the only semi-review of them I’ve seen I’m a bit concerned. I never had problems with gaiana or any other NL ethno-suppliers

    2. ShyGal

      DyeGuy, are you within the US? was looking at organicdyesuk for my next dye project and wanted to know if I was likely to get a phone call from customs wondering what this mysterious material is.

      1. dyeguy

        Yes I am in the states. You just talk to someone from FedEx….not a customs agent. Just gets sent back if you don’t….

        Ukdyes had no trouble, but dye seemed a lower quality.albiet a legit source of mhrb.

        1. Abazabba

          Dyeguy how was the natural dye quality?
          Shredded looks to be a much lighter shade of purple than the .mx stuff normally is.

          Not sure if color of the bark before dye is made is any indicator of quality but it does smell as it should.

          Havn`t had the oppertunity to test yet & hoping the purple dye this produces is as vibrant as the .mx stuff is

  8. Arin

    looking for homes for 8, three year old, blooming and seeding, mimosa hostilis plants. Jurema. Lovely landscape plants!
    I’m in Oregon, but traveling back and forth to CA. These were grown in an indoor atrium with natural light and are very healthy.

    1. Danny

      If you’re still looking for a home for the plants, i might be able to take a few of the plants. I don’t have space for all 8, sorry.

  9. maya

    hi guys, does anybody know about the sellers from China through alibaba.com? They told me they have powdered root bark powder and root bark extract powder, used for dyeing and traditional chinese herbal medicine. Anyone tested this out before? Are they authentic or just a scam?

    1. Joey Jurema Post author

      No those suppliers are not good. I think they probably have mimosa pudica. All I really know is that it isn’t mimosa hostilis.

    2. Mark

      I asked for a sample pack from a supplier on Alibaba, they sent 50G pretty fast at no cost. It was crap, no yield whatsoever…pissed off, good thing I did not pay for it.

    1. Inviso-bill

      I have a feeling alot of the acacia around is just shit quality being sold like it’s premium.

      Last time I bought acacia I felt ripped comparing to mimosa. Bark was in large chunks but seemed EXTREMELY woody, dry, & rock hard compared to mimosa.

      This just a theory, but I have a hunch the woodier, harder acacia rootbark is low quality & the inner rootbark layer has been scraped out before selling.

      I`d put money on fresher, less woody acacia bark with the darker colored thin layer still intact will yeild much better results if you can find it & separate the inner good bark from the low quality woody outer layer.
      There may still be goo but there is a very simple way to clean that up.

    1. inviso-bill

      I have not personally tried it & havn’t attempted to look.
      But i’ve heard word from a reliable source there is mimosa available domestically via a few different darknet markets.
      If your willing to jump through the hoops, buy bitcoins & setup multiple layers of security then you may find a reliable source.

      1. Sarah heather

        I am interested in this connection too! Please let me know if it is still available! Thank you, Heather

      2. Sarah heather

        I am searching for mimosa hostilis within the United states! Anyone who can help me, you will be appreciated!!

        1. Dyeguy

          Try bonanza one was clearly stem bark. One looked good though…otherwise are domestic vendors about if you search googles and stuff. EBay will have time to time but listings don’t stay long.

  10. inviso-bill

    Heavenly-products.com has powdered mhrb available within the u.s.
    Their supply looks to be very small & dwindling though.
    They want outrageous prices, but for those who are willing to pay an arm & a leg to avoid risking importation it is there.
    They are a good company, i have ordered from them for years, just not this particular batch of mimosa so i cannot comment on quality.

  11. Ken Dobrowolski

    Going to try Gaiana w/cash maybe.I don’t know when or how much but when I do I’ll let you know how things turn out. Kanabinal1.

  12. inviso-bill

    Just subscribed. Got a good reccomendation from someone here not long ago but they shut down :,(

    I see the .mx prices have gone up as well. Well worth it though. Acacia is for the birds. Such a pain to get right.

    1. John moros

      for the record….I HEAR that the acrb is perfectly good if you defat with and pull with xylol…then, after basing, drop FASA into it….I have been doing just fine….this combo gives you both the alkaloids in fumarate salt form….then, easy to convert and the product is a tanish to white dry powder….leaves almost no residue, a clear oil when heated….very smooth and easy on the lungs….I do this when waiting for mhrb….(do not order from austin texas –mhrb…the seller is insane and beat me)

      1. Elf Fairy Gnome

        A little fairy in Austin Texas told me that you were psycho and called up the seller in Austin Texas who had a perfect feedback score with many many many hundreds of feedbacks all raving by buyers about how nice and helpful he was and how good his product was. You were either another crappy ACRB seller and jealous of his Purple Guatemalan cause you were in Hawaii and only had ACRB that you sold and or that you were the nut that called the 55 year old plus guy and claimed you were paraplegic instead of just psychotic and jealous and that you sent him 368 death threats to both him and his mother and made 100s of threatening phone calls after demanding that he forcibly use UPS as you demanded to ship to you.He could not because he was disabled and could not meet a UPS driver or drive to a UPS store with it. Then you told him you were a champion boxer and would punch him to death. But hey I am just a galactic oracle fairy in Austin Texas and what do I know???? LOL! This is a true story about you one nut in a 1000, you looked in a mirror lately? Then you called ebay and had all ATRB banned and removed in a pissy fit blind rage……………Nut Case!

    2. JDWinters

      Inviso-Bill: If you have a moment, could you send me that private list? I signed up a few days ago and checked out the public vendors: both on vacation for the next few weeks. I notice you have a lot of replies in this thread and seem to know what you’re saying. Thanks

        1. Cassy

          So if going through vendors that require passing through customs will get you screwed over, what are the private connections you were talking about?


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