RealDye Review

RealDye has only been around about a year, but they have a good reputation. The dye is shredded and a nice purple color. I placed an order on Sunday night around 11pm and received it on Thursday so that was good. They include free shipping and that is a bonus. They did ship the wrong items though I ordered 1-50g, 1-100g, and 1-250g but they sent 1-100g and 2-250g packages. I emailed him and let him know but he said I could just keep the difference. He emailed back that if it was under he would reship the difference. Anyway here is the review video and check out the realdye site at


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  1. Steven Giles

    Hey man thanks for your review. Even tho it may not have gotten much feedback, I thank you for it, because it lead me to make a first purchase ever to embark on this unique and potentially, cool journey. So thanks man.

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