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I have been searching far and wide for new sources of Mimosa Hostilis. If you know of one please leave a comment about it. Through my searching I have found several options for purchasing MHRB in Europe, USA, and Mexico. Here is the rundown of what I have come up with so far. I will be placing test orders with each supplier to see how long it takes to get here and if it even does.

Seller Seller Country Time from order to Arrival 50g Price 500g Price kg Price Payment Options
Gaiana Netherlands 17 Days $20 $107 $176 Bank Xfer, Cash, Bitcoin
Edabea Spain 16 Days $20 $108 $171 Cash, Bank Xfer, Bitcoin, Security CC
Realdye** Mexico / US 2-4 Days $30 $130 $260 Visa, Mastercard, Other Credit Cards, and Bitcoin
Avalon Magic Plants Netherlands 15 Days $25 $110 $165 Cash, Bank Xfer, Bitcoin

***All costs include approximate shipping to the US prices will be be different depending on where you live. Also it is with shredded bark
**Prices Include discount for Bitcoin


Gaiana is a great seller and has been in the smart shop business for years so if you are looking they are very reliable.

Edabea is good. They are based in Spain and I continue to hear good things about them.

Realdye has good shredded root bark and fast shipping in the US.

I just re added Avalon to the list after a hiatus. All reports are that they have a good product now.

Please Leave a Comment about your recent experiencing ordering Mimosa and let everyone know if you found a great source.

If you sell Mimosa Hostilis and would like to have it listed here please contact me by leaving a comment.
update: Thanks for sending me sources everyone who has. I won’t post them on the list until I do some verification but keep them coming!

Due to privacy concerns of some sellers we also have a private Mimosa Hostilis sellers list. This list is only available to subscribers. It is free to subscribe and it will get you several benefits.

  1. Exclusive Sources – A monthly emailed list of sources that is complete as I can find.
  2. Great Deals – Coupon Codes for use at some suppliers only available to subscribers.
  3. It’s Free. (I’m considering charging a fee for this list in the future but if you get in now it’s completely free. All I need is your email address.
This list will give you access to info on suppliers who are not listed anywhere else on this site. More Info Here

Updated 6/9/2016

Comments (263)

  1. Qubit


    Has anyone successfully ordered from to ship within EU? If so, what is the quality of thier bark?

  2. Qubit


    Has anyone ordered from
    If so, could you guys give a feedback on the quality of their MHRB?


  3. Orientrip

    Just tried to order some MHRB from Don Jose but he doesn’t send to Mexico? how come he refuses Mexican orders if he sends from Mexico? that’s is suspicious as hell , some say he is a selective Scammer . Now with MHRB being confiscated specially in the US , is Don jose site to be trusted?

  4. Divided Sky

    Is it possible to get more than 5k to the US?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Maybe, but the more you order, the more risk is involved. Why in the hell would anyone possibly need 5k anyways? As far as dyeing things for your own use goes, that would be a tremendous amount.

  5. Cosmic Nightmare

    Don Jose is the MAN! Fast shipping to U.S. and great price.

  6. Arcturian

    Ok so who has the latest success story of receiving their shipments? And has anyone received from Jose recently?

  7. Morgan

    Has any one had luck recently like within a month or few weeks? I heard you can’t order over 3 kg without concequences ?

  8. Moe

    So I am looking at these posts and they are all months old….. Is it still safe? Really interested in trying my hand with a purple dye from the MHRB but I would like some reassurance

  9. Mohana

    Is legit?

  10. Mohana

    Has anyone ordered to Idaho ? Would it get here legit with no trace? Looking for personal use only, I know what I need I just need to know if it can get here from any of the sites. I have been looking at Avalon it seems legit but it also says a lot about if it isn’t legal dont risk it but I can’t find where it says it is illegal as far I can find out it is ok but there is only 90% chance? Let me know plz

    • Joey Jurema

      I’m not a lawyer but I don’t know of some states viewing it differently than others. The 10% of the 90% success isn’t them coming to your house it is of your package being stopped at customs. I just got 2kg in the usps no problems.

  11. Jon

    Did u ever do a test order from

  12. psychonut

    Ordered 1 kilo powdered MHRB from Avalon Magic Plants day before yesterday using Visa.
    R’cvd shipping confirmation today and am tracking package…it’s in the U.S. now.
    I will let you know how it is when it arrives.
    I used to by from Robert @ Sonoran Song….will be comparing Avalon’s to S.S.

    • Joey Jurema

      That sounds awesome can’t wait to hear back from you

    • Morgan

      I would love to hear some feedback I am interested in a kilo if its possible.

    • divinemomentsoftruth

      How did your order go?? I was thinking about ordering the purple dye from Avalon but living in the US I am skeptical.

    • divinemomentsoftruth

      How did your order go?? I was thinking about ordering the purple dye from Avalon but living in the US I am skeptical.

    • John Doe

      I’ve purchased from both sites and Avalon’s product quality is the same. It wasn’t as easy to obtain, or packaged as nice as SS, but still very good.

      With SS gone (still saddened by their experiences) Avalon is a good alternative.

  13. Well folks, we are back online now.


  14. Trex

    Has anyone ordered from LH herbal connection? Just wondering of they were legit or not?

  15. aka will be back online within the next week. Will be providing the Mexican roots, accepting online CC payments.

  16. lightwill
    Pedro’s famous purple/pink (

    This guy is a homey and worth checking out. He doesnt accept online payment but prices are still low. Claims over 90% success.

  17. ForeverWander

    So is MX Jose safe or not?

  18. LovelyDye

    Is there any website that will allow me to use a prepaid american express card to order?

  19. DreaMT

    Has anyone received a shipment from gaiana in the US?

  20. A Friendly Traveler

    Don Jose is a selective scammer – I would advise caution in any dealings with this person. Has everyone forgotten what happened last year? Sonoran Song was raided and the ‘Don’ disapeared with over 10k of cash he recieved from clients whose orders he never fullfilled. Humm. That his site is back on after this is disconcerning – it is doubtful it is the same man, and if it is…well, need I say more?

    • Your Majesty

      Idk about that. It may have been out of necessity. I’m pretty sure if I got word the feds were coming to raid my shop, I’d do the same thing too and use what cash I had to lie low for a while.

      Either way, I tried ordering from Don Jose via western union. Got the tracking number and awaiting delivery. I’ll report back with the results

    • lightwill

      People talk shit but its just rumors caused by competition and greed. Jose has been solid since I started into this. That was around 2004. Why would you steal money when you can dig it up out of the ground? Simple logic proves idiocy in the statements made against him. I have spoken to him personally about this and its a bunch of crap. I’ve worked with him enough to know his heart and intentions. And I have fielded crap from enough greedy fools who should have never got into the business. People that would plot against anotherz good work in the name of greed. My prayer: that those who manifest greed and delusion stay far away from the sacred herbs. That those of pure intent find what they seek.

      It will be back around soon for those who serve the truth. But don’t be surprised as the price has tripled. Yet how can you put a price tag on awareness? Such has value far beyond any money.

      • Ineffablejourney

        Oh my Friend you have strummed some harmony into my sacred search. Being a humble Artist, funds often elude me, yet willing to dig deep to find whAt I M looking for.

      • dan

        If has been car to long since I gave let go and let it lead the way.. PlEase tell who son Juan is besides the calendar books. Email
        The others
        Are with in and beyond us.

  21. Dignismoris

    How discreet do you recommend when it comes to purchasing? I am only investigating for the personal journeys of myself and my friends and am not even sure what quantity to buy?

  22. VanChowder

    Shady as it seems,might ordered from MX Jose and just got my order today! Its 185 with shipping included and he has been extremely responsive via email. Will definitely be using him again.

  23. waffles

    ah, so your a time traveler. thanks for the re-link ill let you know how the mail flys

  24. waffles

    the link for gaiana is bad? how did u post from the future 5meodemitri?

    • Joey Jurema

      The link works for me? Here it is again if you are having trouble gaiana. As for the time sorry that was my fault I had the timezone set to UTC. But hey it is tomorrow already in the Netherlands :p

  25. 5meodemitri

    I recently ordered a kilo from gaiana and I know that they get their bark from adenidium (sp?) from brazil which I used to order from sonoransong back when they were around. Anyways, it got here so I am very happy, the packaging was legit and they even sent a free sample of acacia! it is very much worth the price, ended up being almost 150 with shipping.

    • Joey Jurema

      Thanks for the feedback. I can’t wait for mine to get here

      • 5meodemitri

        OK JUST a word of warning….My first order came in no problems and my second might too, just letting you guys know that these people are extremely bad at responding to emails, I feel like I am getting ignored and I don’t even know if my second kilo has gone out yet. no tracking, no response after about a weeks time. order with caution.

        • 5meodemitri

          I take that back, I was worried because of lack of communication but my second order made it, stealthy as possible, very happy man right now.

          • Joey Jurema

            Thanks for the updates! They have been pretty good at communicating with me. It is kind of weird since they are on the other side of the world. They generally reply to my emails at like 4am. But all in all Gaiana has been pretty good.

        • BUDZILLA626


    • Just ordered 1kg of powdered bark they will be sending it into the usa to portland oregon will leave feedback if things go good or bad

      • Sdawg

        Dmann, let us know how things go. you ordered from gaianaa, right? I’m trying to get my hands on some powdered MHRB from a reputable source..been looking everywhere, but not sure who to trust, or if will come through customs..good luck brother

    • dan

      Can you please tell me where you got it . We got to.stick together. I can get any chemical but a root bark,. Just ask I can tell you I’d you help me. You must haves met the others , you Must know I do not go to the extra dimensional for fun but experience something acacia doesn’t.
      Dan potter

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