So you’re thinking of buying Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark? There are a few things you should consider first all from someone who knows.

  1. Is MHRB Legal?
  2. Should I order from a domestic source or international?
  3. Which is the best Brazilian MHRB, Mexican MHRB, or Guatemalan MHRB
  4. Where can I buy Mimosa Hostilis?
  5. Can I order in Bulk Mimosa Hostilis?
  6. What is the best way to buy Mimosa online?
  7. How did the native people of South America use Mimosa Hostilis?
  8. What is Jurema

All of these questions and more are answered here. Just use the links on the page or the navigation bars and become more informed about this amazing plant. If you still need more information you could check out the Erowid page on Mimosa