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Edabea is a ethnobotanical supplier based in Spain. They have been in business for a few years. From my research it looks like they could be a valuable supplier of Mimosa Hostilis.

Update: I made a test order through Edabea and got great service. It seems to be taking longer for anything to go through customs now so it took 17 days to arrive. 7 in transit and 10 sitting in NYICS. Here is a video review of the product




You can get to their site here


If you have any experience with them or decide to give them a try please leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Hi, a clarification and a request, the promotion of mimosa free in exchange for a feedback, this expired, we have sent more than 10 users of this site free mimosa to try. Now the request, those who have received the mimosa and have not left the feedback, it was not too much to ask.

  2. Anonymous

    Having difficulty ordering from them here in the U.S. please help

  3. A Non E Moose

    I ordered from them in January and my package never arrived. I’m not sure why. They did give me a full refund, though. Just be wary of ordering from them if you’re in the USA.

    • Philosotherapist

      Wary in what way? I’m tempted to try them out but would like more insight from your experience if you’re willing? Thanks

    • I regret that you did not receive your order, 99.9% of US users do, we send dozens of orders to the USA every day.

  4. Russ

    This was my first time purchasing mhrb. And I must say that I don’t plan on going anywhere else now had a great 1% yield off of 100g of powdered mhrb. Thanks Edabea will be purchasing again

  5. Amaël . C

    Received and tested last batch, edabea’s mhrb is great,around 2% of pure bliss, if worked properly, the rootbark is going to take you far beyond this reality. love it.
    The overall quality of edabea’s mhrb is good to very good, the shipping is fast and i would say discret.
    I was looking for a new source, i would recommend edabea 😉

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