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I have been searching far and wide for new sources of Mimosa Hostilis. If you know of one please leave a comment about it. Through my searching I have found several options for purchasing MHRB in Europe, USA, and Mexico. Here is the rundown of what I have come up with so far. I will be placing test orders with each supplier to see how long it takes to get here and if it even does.

Seller Seller Country Time from order to Arrival 50g Price 500g Price kg Price Payment Options
Gaiana Netherlands 17 Days $20 $107 $176 Bank Xfer, Cash, Bitcoin
Edabea Spain 16 Days $20 $108 $171 Cash, Bank Xfer, Bitcoin, Security CC
Realdye** Mexico / US 2-4 Days $30 $130 $260 Visa, Mastercard, Other Credit Cards, and Bitcoin
Avalon Magic Plants Netherlands 15 Days $25 $110 $165 Cash, Bank Xfer, Bitcoin

***All costs include approximate shipping to the US prices will be be different depending on where you live. Also it is with shredded bark
**Prices Include discount for Bitcoin


Gaiana is a great seller and has been in the smart shop business for years so if you are looking they are very reliable.

Edabea is good. They are based in Spain and I continue to hear good things about them.

Realdye has good shredded root bark and fast shipping in the US.

I just re added Avalon to the list after a hiatus. All reports are that they have a good product now.

Please Leave a Comment about your recent experiencing ordering Mimosa and let everyone know if you found a great source.

If you sell Mimosa Hostilis and would like to have it listed here please contact me by leaving a comment.
update: Thanks for sending me sources everyone who has. I won’t post them on the list until I do some verification but keep them coming!

Due to privacy concerns of some sellers we also have a private Mimosa Hostilis sellers list. This list is only available to subscribers. It is free to subscribe and it will get you several benefits.

  1. Exclusive Sources – A monthly emailed list of sources that is complete as I can find.
  2. Great Deals – Coupon Codes for use at some suppliers only available to subscribers.
  3. It’s Free. (I’m considering charging a fee for this list in the future but if you get in now it’s completely free. All I need is your email address.
This list will give you access to info on suppliers who are not listed anywhere else on this site. More Info Here

Updated 6/9/2016

Comments (263)

  1. Truth

    The mimosa on eBay is Albizzia Julibrissin which has NO DMT. The seller has 950 positive votes, only because the worthless Albizzia Julibrissin mimosa is delivered.

    • inviso-bill

      Something didn’t seem right with them to me. Marketed as purple pink but the powder is brown in the pictures.

      I’m a bit skeptical of your review as well though.
      Tell me, how is it you were able to determine anything other than that it was not mhrb solely from powdered bark that yeilded no magic?

      Short of using analytical equipment to get an idea of the alkaloid profile of the bark you recieved & comparing it to the alkaloid profile of albiza, theres not a whole lot of indicators that what you recieves wasn’t something else entirely.

    • unclesyd

      Yes how do you know???? And i looked this up and it does have actives. Probably less than confusa even
      even, but….. i recieved bright pink powder. Although i have not run quality tests. Each plant even of the same species can display different traits, colors, etc. It depends on the environment among others. If you recieved a product that didnt produce the colors you wanted, then review that, and at least leave some initials so others know not to buy.Mimosa sellers are becoming more prevelant on the ebay. Otherwise a place in the UK sells a product worth the price….or denmark…

  2. Cap

    Which seller should i go for, maybe netherlands->sweden is considered high-risk country, or should be ok?

  3. Diego

    How can I look at private sellers now that I subscribed?

  4. Mike

    The Ebay guy is actually selling Acacia Tenuiflora

  5. Is there a way to buy MHRB powdered without any wire transfer or nothing like that. cause I just wanna pay with some type of Amazon card I can redeem but Amazon dosn’t have what I want.

  6. Choups

    Did anyone buy it on edabea? Avalon doesn’t sell it anymore and advises this website

    • Tyler

      I am very curious about this edabea shop…wanna get MHRB from them. Anyone used this shop before?

    • Zapo

      I just made my second buy in Edabea, first arrived in 10 days, I live in New Jersey.
      Fantastic quality and good customer service, definitely recommended 100%.

  7. Steve

    Just looking into for dyes? Anyone used this vendor and got the “light” purple they wanted? Everywhere else is out of stock.

  8. Anyone try buying from Apparently they are in Mexico… good prices if you are ok buying from mexico… Don Jose’s prices have skyrocketed.

  9. Has any body used mx jose

  10. Beka

    hey there, I just received 250g pack from Avalon. Really good site and trustful, High quality. they were contacting me whole time till i got my package.
    I live in LV and received in 4 days.

    • millzie

      Took me a week to get mine, but yeah avalon is an awesome vender.

    • JP

      Funny I keep reading reviews people are ordering from Avalon – when in reality they aren’t shipping. They “supposedly” had a recent huge order ceased. There goes my 80 bucks. Nothing but aheadache since last month.

    • john doe

      hey i was thinking about buying some die…… and noticed i lived in the same city and they are sold out how did u go about ordering from them?

    • Dylan Parst

      Hey! I live in Vegas too. Would I be able to buy some of yours directly. I know this might sound sketch but we could meet in a public place or where ever you’d feel comfortable. Thanks!

    • Alex

      Has anyone bought recently now in October? Really want to place an order from Jose or other place.

  11. Chaz

    hello, how hard is it to turn the bark into powder? Any special tools needed?

  12. Anyone tried the seller on amazon with the 1/4lb sonoran song labelled mhrb recently? Looks legit but im a bit worried about losing money

    • sosa617

      He’s definitely legit and he ships from the U.S ( P.A Pennsylvania ) his prices are a little high ( because amazon charges him fees ) but once you order from him a few times on he will give you his direct info ( so you can contact him direct without amazon ) and much better prices and you can buy bulk. I know this because he is my vendor and his MHRB is top notch product ( for making dye obviously

  13. I ordered 100g of MHRB from Avalon and my order was received in about a week and a half from the Netherlands. I paid using a bank transfer and it was a bit confusing with the address and all since it’s different than a US address but I figured it out bc Google is awesome! So yah I revived my product within a reasonable time frame, they also were very discreet and renamed my product as something else so that it wouldn’t get delayed in customs which is very cool of them. I have not used my mhrb yet, but I plan on it on Thursday. I will get back with you and let you know if what I recieved was in fact what I ordered. Thanks a bunch for the opportunity to share!
    – Lovely

    • TrueLight

      I ordered recently too! Tracking says it’s “inbound to U.S. Customs”. How long was the item in US Customs before it went to “Outbound Customs”?

      • JP

        Well I guess you got lucky if you used Avalon. First they ran out of powder, then said it was ceased. Then told me they could send bark instead, then they said they were no longer shipping at all. Really sucks. Looking elsewhere. NO AVALON guys :/

    • TrueLight

      How long was your package held by customs? And did you use your real name on the package?

      • anonymous

        Packages normally take 24-48 hours to clear. It can take up to 3-5 days sometimes depending how backed up they are.

        If you don’t use your real name, you will be GOING TO JAIL FOR LIFE. Felony to receive mail in a fake name, and combined with what you are receiving and what they assume it is used for (since dyes were just invented yesterday), they will fully prosecute you and fuck you in every direction that they can.

        The USA isn’t about solving problems, it’s about sending death threats to people so they don’t cause any.

  14. UniversePoet

    Is anyone having problems getting their order?

  15. Ryan

    I was curious if anyone has used don recently and if they got there order thanks.

  16. Lupin

    Got package from Jose in little over a week, paid 85ish in bitcoins now it’s higher. Was shredded bark have yet to test quality but he was very responsive to the emails all the way through.

  17. Johnathan Saks

    Looks like MX Jose is back up. Which is the easiest and best quality vendor to go with?

  18. Gameon

    Why is Giana prices are cheaper than Avalon $$?

  19. Chadman

    Just ordered from jose, took slightly over an hour for my bitcoins to fully transfer. i messaged support letting them know, hope all is well:)

  20. Thewhimofthegreatmagnet

    Still waiting for my package to get to the US. I received a tracking number a week ago and it just came active. If any of you need to track your package before it gets to the us go to
    I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress of my order.
    Goof luck out there!

    • pdale661

      Hey whim just wanted to give you a heads up so you dont worry. When i was tracking my package from jose it tracked all the way to customs then just said something like “we have been informed that your package yada yada yada dont fully remember what it said but then it never updated again. I began to worry but my package arrived on my doorstep 2 days later!

  21. Escapist

    Does Jose only accept bitcoin?

  22. Thewhimofthegreatmagnet

    Made order last night, have yet to receive confirmation. Jose has been in contact prior to order though…just playing the waiting game now. Will update on buying experience at the conclusion of the order.
    Happy thoughts everyone!

    • Nick

      Keep us posted on any updates. Everyone says Jose’s the best, I’m still waiting to place my order until I see how everything plays out.

    • kaleidowave

      How did you pay for your order? Have you received it yet? Thanks!

      • pdale661

        I payed at wells fargo bank. He gave me an acct number i walked into bank deposited 185$ and emailed him photo of receipt. Im telling you all hes legit im still enjoying my spice good quality. If you have any concerns anyone can email me pwrsonally at and we can maybe speak over phone or whatever. Because like all of you i was very worried about just handing over 185 dollars. But i just went for it and it worjed out great.

    • Nick

      Did your order ever arrive? And if it did how much did you order and in what form? I have heard that can make a difference in the eyes of customs.

  23. pdale661

    Ok i just received a kilo from jose. He was great with customer service always responded quickly.provided me with tracking numbers. Once it shipped it arrived on my doorstep in california in exactly 7 days mon-mon. Top notch quality. I was hesistant at first but just went for it and glad i did. I highly recomend using him for your dye.

    • Duder14

      How long did it take until you got confirmation? I made an order last night and have yet to receive confirmation.

      • pdale661

        I got confirmation that later that day. If you ja ent heard from him i say from my experiance you have nothing to worry about. He was very honest and easy to work with for me sometimes a little slow on reponse but product still came.

  24. Nick

    Has anyone ordered from MX Jose recently? I have been in contact with him via email and he has repeatedly assured me that my package would arrive. I am in Tennessee and they did not pass the law classifying MHRB as illegal to possess, however U.S. Customs is my biggest concern. I think I’m going to go ahead and order and hope for the best. Anyone else?

    • pdale661

      Go for it i recevied mine no problems. One week

    • pdale661

      Payment was also easy he provided me with an acct number for wells fargo i walked in gave them the cash and deposit slip. Walked emailed him a picture of the receipt right there in the parking lot couple hours later he responded thank you will ship monday

  25. pdale661

    I just ordered 1 kilo of powdered dye from mx jose yesterday. so far going smooth hes been replying to all my emails said he received my payment and will email me tracking as soon as it ships. Ill update when it arrives.

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