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Important: The Information below is outdated and neither of these suppliers are still operating. There is a more up to date info Click Here for the most up to date info about Mimosa Hostilis Suppliers still operating.

So you’ve found out that Mimosa Hostilis is legal where you live and you would like to buy some for yourself. The next question is where to buy MHRB. Currently there are several good options. I have tried to do some research on where they are located and get some customer reviews to make it easier for you to make an informed decision about where to buy MHRB. Here is what I found.
On there website the offer fast shipping from the US. Other names they have gone by are celestial source and They sell Brazilian Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Powder. There domain is hosted with GoDaddy in AZ. They previously used paypal but like all other stores selling Mimosa they were shutdown in October 2011. They now use for payments. Before 2012 they were based solely in Brazil but they were stopped by customs very often. Here is a quote from there website from that shutdown.

“10/29/11 Well folks, we have discontinued sales of our Mimosa natural dye. It appears that the USA customs is now having reluctance to allow passage of this remarkable dye. MIMOSAHOSTILISROOTBARK.BIZ is now a simply ‘parking space’. Instead of regret we simply wish to express gratitude towards each and all who perpetuated the movement of these vital energies. It’s truly been a blessing.”

Since then they have setup inside the US with a distributor and you won’t have to worry about losing your mimosa hostilis in customs.


Sonoran via
This is probably my favorite place to order and buy mimosa hostilis root bark powder. It is great even if more expensive than other sources for one primary reason you can use untraceable cash. You can create a new account on and order with a gift card. You can buy these gift cards with cash at Walmart or many local stores. This is really the only way to order without a trace if you are the paranoid type.

Check Here for the most up to date info about Mimosa Hostilis Suppliers still operating

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  1. Moondooky

    Just did a test with I will post if it goes well.

  2. luca

    hi.some shop who ship in italy?you know ORGANICDEYES?is legit?im interest in MHRB(is legal in intaly)

  3. Camfornow

    Anyone hear anything about this site?

  4. B

    Does anyone know of a legal plant that has the same qualities as mhrb?? And where i can find it

  5. puzzled

    Has anyone had success with Does anyone know where to get it in Mexico?

  6. LightBringer claims to be shipping. They have, however, raised the prices tremendously.

  7. Fry

    Any news on shipping to the US?

  8. Rootstriker

    Any info on current reliable providers? Feal free to pm me in email

  9. mcgrutes

    Has anyone had luck with Cactus Plaza? I am considering ordering but the shipping is 30 euros

  10. soaringspoon

    Any updates on M. hostilis being shipped into the usa?

  11. Lola

    Any news on the mimosa? cant seem to find a place to buy from. Does anyone know if they are still selling the plant itself? or nada?

  12. haven’t done dmt in 48 years hope it comes back please keep this link updated

  13. JustinKesh

    Yes adenium much props! The person is excellent to deal with! Hope they get back up and running somehow..

    • 5meodemitri

      I ordered from adenium (sp?) JUST after sonoransong got raided and he took my money and never sent my product. JUST fyi

      • hi, we did sent all packs out at those times and your customs blocked them all, over 250 boxes. and and stole all of the money from the sales, over 25 000 USD. we can send again and receive BitCoin as payment.

  14. JJ

    if you really think the government sucks you should do something about it we all should

    • Anton Moquin

      I agree hit me up on FB and check out to see some bad ass shit! I been trying to get this ball rolling for 2 years but its very slow people are so closed minded and afraid of change..

    • I agree and the people who make these laws and ruin our lives don’t ever deserve to get high on anything ever! They are so stupid to create this law bs! And the FBI sucks as well and think they are a god. Most other nations laugh at this one saying America is so stupid! All I can get high on ever since I almost got busted with marijuana is morning glory seeds and cough gels. I was an alcoholic and had to stop that because of my liver. Hallucinogens are a healthy way to enjoy life and open up our minds as far as what they do to do that. And even if you are religious then you must say that god placed most of the natural things here to be used in this life of ours which already sucks!

  15. Blackest Eyes

    I recently ordered from and got ripped off!

  16. Ryan Mackenzie

    Anyone hear anything new about sonoran? I need some M. hostilis and they’re apparently the best. Are they still shipping to the US or what? Thanks for the help!

  17. jameschavez

    im looking for 2 kilos of ground up mimmossa hostilis or jurema .if all you have in whole bark and its cheaper even better please let me know prices if you have it blessing shaman jameson

  18. Jonny Rotten

    sonoran was not a scam ive bought pounds and pounds of bark from them!!! was another one i used for over a year not scammers!!!! our government sucks and they need to free the bark

  19. timmmay is amazing. The guy is really nice and NO ONE beats his prices. It’s fresh from brasil, you receive 2 day old fresh bark every time. Been working with him for 2 1/2 years. Such an amazing quality. He has currently shut everything down as well. I really hope this gets figured out soon. two thumbs up. Pedro is the man!

  20. TeaR

    any other plant that may contain the same properties but maybe smaller quantities? order able in US

  21. Penny

    This guy is a scam artist promising great quality and great prices for MHRB and other Entheogens:
    Blaise Ndiale Ngake
    P.o.Box 28 Buea
    South west Region
    Bova village house No – 342
    Tel ; 237 77 96 26 27

    Spread the word please:)

  22. jonny

    sonoran song is a great website that is not a scam. I’ve worked with them since February of this year and have yet to have a problem. However there is something going on right now, i’m just not sure what. If the site gets back up and running i highly recommend them and the bark. It really is the best.

    • jhonny come lately

      Here is what is up last year the FDA raided Bouncing Bear Botanicals, they brought some drug charges and had valid reason to shut his not so bright business down. He apparently had $900K seized and another $50K from his childs savings account. He as Sonaran post raid events said they would rapidly return to business ASAP. Robert at Sonaran song tried to convince all he was their bestest buddy giving them product cheap, fast and anonymous. Unfortunately many buyers can’t seemingly see past the tip of their nose that he was in fact the very reason all these axes came to fall. Overplublicity he was like King Kong swinging off the Empire State Building beating his chest and saying hey look at me. Pure meglomania and financial greed, he did not have your best interest in mind whatsoever, he expedited the restrictions on importation of MHRB to the USA. Only a fool believes otherwise. There were a number of discreet reliable sellers that lost all business to Robert due to him underpricing them because all he cared about was as selling as much as he could with no consideration of the consequences, I hope he lost all his cash, profits and inventory he deserved it but others did not including you all.
      Now we are seeing an increasing number of links to pages picturing Mimosa products but none is actually for sale, this is to lure people to buy other ethnobotanical products a literal bait and switch. There are a number of scheeming sellers who will go unamed who are trying to position themselves to sell anonymously from other countries. This unfortunately is still going to have vegas odds at best, sure some will get by customs others will get seized and the sellers even international ones are going to take heat even at home by angry feds looking to shut them down. Adenium has been caught up in sonaran songs raid and has most likely folded all sales to USA. You have a situation where Americans are EXTREMMELY narcissitic and will not buy anything with out a guaranteee of delivery in a few days, well anyone who will ship to USA is going to risk credit card or other chargebacks, no seller anywhere who has more than a few occasional chargebacks will be allowed to accept cards at all this is how this game works. So if their was anyone who would ship here internationally any significant amount, in all probability they would only be able to accept non retractable payment. USA just like France, Australia, New Zealand and others is done for on this product. anyone including this sites owner who comes up for air to sell is going to be wack a moled into oblivion I am said to say………………

    • BTW…Sonoransong?…..and….are the same site….owned by the same person……and is a scam. :/

      • Johhny Come Lately

        Sonoran song to the best of my knowledge was a copy cat of other long established sellers whom used some common sense and disgression he Robert did not just acted only in his selfish unfettered pure greed. He destroyed open sales of MHRB for everyone. He did this by selling on Why he sold there knowing full and well that if someone bought his bark, then a baster, then lye. then a book on techs, that amazon.coms automatic sales robot, which then will automatically and manically suggest the whole spiel to each and every subsequent buyer there.He sold there anyway due to his pure unfettered greed. Then on top of this in his listings on he openly stated he would accept anonymous cash payments or money orders and that he would susbsequently then tear up all the buyers info to hide and anonymize their identitiy. Well this might seem cool to some buyers but blowing the feds a razberry like this only brought himself a rapid raid.

        Now back to the uniformed person Mark here Robert the self absorbed idiot at Sonoran song of Arizona and Pedro of Recife Pernambuco Brazil whom speaks Portuguese could not be any more separate and distinct people.

        Even Pedro of the venerable let his montrously growing business as of 2010 start doing things that the US goverment saw as a threat supplying rave club owners and organized crime large amounts of bark in the 100s of Kilos per order.

        Apparently the USA Feds did not like this and they paid pedro a visit at his home in Brazil.

        Subsequently Pedro and all sellers there were pretty well traumatized they stopped for about 2 years all sales of MHRB root bark and many listed trunk bark through 2014 and into 2015 before begining to openly sell again.

        I never seize to be amazed by people who know so little like Mark and post comments based on ZERO factual information.

  23. Anon

    I would consider Sonoran out. I ordered 100 g on September 18th and it has yet to be even shipped. Thanks for telling me that they got raided 3 days before, Joey, no wonder I haven’t gotten anything. Do you think I have anything to worry about DEA wise?

  24. WolfSpeaker

    noone is shipping to th USA at the moment :/ your best bet if you want to risk it is crossing into mexico or canada and walk bark across. or just wait.. im sure this will work itself out in time. i hope at least :/

  25. badnewsbear

    is sonoran still good? i was considering ordering from them and i seen something about experiencing difficulties. also, safe or scam does anybody know?

    • Joey Jurema

      There are some crazy things currently going on with Mimosa Hostilis in the United States. I don’t really know why but the DEA raided several sites on 9/15 Sonoran Song was one of them. See the legal page for more info on updates on this.

      I’m not sure about if anyone here has ordered from them with sucsess please let me know. I do know that there are still many sellers outside the US that sell. The domestic suppliers are currently shutdown probably waiting to see how the sonoran song situation plays out

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