Is MHRB Legal?

If you are interested in Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark you probably have as many questions as I did.

The first question I was asking was “Is Mimosa Hostilis legal in the United States?”

The answer I found was yes it is legal as long as it is not intended for human consumption. MHRB is used in a large number of things. Some example of its uses are as follows Jean Shorts Dyed with Mimosa Hostilis

Dyes – Mimosa Hostilis is used it make a very beautiful deep purple color because it contains a large amount of tannin. See the shorts on the right.
Natural Treatment of Skin Wounds – The inner root bark is believed to have antibiotic and pain reliving qualities. Although not backed by the FDA it was used in South America for hundreds of years.

Although MHRB is legal it has a possibility of being abused just like canned dusters. So say you went into the electronics store every day and bought 200 bottles of compressed air dusters. They would probably start to get suspicious after awhile. It is generally the same way with Mimosa Hostilis.

Another thing to consider is what form it comes in. The consensus is that if you order root bark from outside the country it should not be ground but the whole inner root bark. If you need ground MHRB for your purposes though you should order from a domestic source so it doesn’t have to pass through customs.

The other primary consideration is how much are you going to order? Most sources I have read say that you should always order less than 5kg at a time or someone might think you are distributing something illegal. You do not want the DEA knocking on your door for making dyed jeans.

I hope this was helpful that’s what it’s for. If there is anything that I can add please leave me a comment.


Earlier in September Sonoran Song was raided by the DEA and others.

“Excuse the generic-ness of my reply, but we have a lot of people to contact and some very similar info to tell them. First of all…thanks for being one of the awesome people who have ever contacted us or bought from us. We have some distressing news that we need to share. 
The Situation:
Unfortunately we were raided by the DEA last week. For a number of weeks, we had seen an increasing quantity of mimosa held up in US Customs for an unusually long time. It seems that they tested the mimosa and found that it contained a controlled substance. Instead of letting us know this information via a warning (such as a notice of seizure), they decided to storm our house and offices. We were surrounded by local police, ICE (customs) agents, & DEA goons with submachine guns. We were cuffed while they tore through our house and office. They seized all of our mimosa, along with many other legal botanicals, computer equipment, and documents. They spent several hours messing up the house and office, invading our privacy and accusing us of all sorts of criminal activities. When they were done, they simply let us go and told us to contact them if we had any further questions. It seems that their primary objectives were to put us out of business, and to scare other vendors into ending MHRB sales. Throughout August, US Customs have also been holding packages for many other major vendors, and most (if not all) have now been forced to cease selling MHRB from the USA. 

Your privacy:
While the DEA did seize our computer equipment, they did not seize any passwords nor demand access to any of our order-management systems or records, such as our merchant account, order processing tools, or shipping software. All of the software packages that we use are online-only, and are password-protected. No data is stored locally. According to access logs, no access attempts have been made to these systems by anyone except ourselves. We even had lots of shipping labels and receipts sitting out, but these were not taken.”

At this point I don’t think that anyone is selling Mimosa Hostilis in the United States. I have found a couple places that are selling to the US but they aren’t domestic. You can check them out here

65 thoughts on “Is MHRB Legal?

  1. wayne bowlby


    1. Nathan Ranger

      Don’t worry. The muslim brotherhood infiltration regime is gone in. Taxes are actually down and things are getting better. Stop listening you fake news. Our election of a patriot is not complete. The USA will slowing being to stand up and be a country again. Trust The Plan.

  2. Richard Owl Mirror

    From Nixon to Trump. Nixon created the Prison Industrial Complex which increased the population of America’s Prisons with Non-violent casual drug users.
    In 2017, America elected Donald J Trump and, this is the direction of America’s War on Drugs may take.
    Trump praised Philippines president Duterte for drug war that has killed 9,000 people via @HuffPostPol

    1. Anonymous

      if every president and every country leader and all of their government people would just spend a week in peru and do an ayahuasca retreat, im sure they would all be changed people. mother Aya is the way

  3. lucy

    I have been researching like crazy on this stuff, I desperately want to try it. I have thought about going on an ayahuasca retreat but can’t afford it… any suggestions??

    1. Burt

      You can download tor browser and get on the darkweb. Not to go into too much detail, but if you get on the darkweb market places you’ll find about every drug there is and know Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark is for sale on there right now. Seen it on there for sale and had to check to see what the fuck this even is.

  4. Todd phillips

    Morality can not be legislated. Period! You would think that the prohibition of alcohol almost a century ago would be a lesson to be” studied. It simply didn’t work. People drank as much as ever. All it accomplished was to make criminals out of law abiding people, and millionaires out of Capone. It shouldn’t matter what I intend to do with a tree root. Right now I’m considering shoving it somewhere! I may run for a political office so I can try to make a dent in the “idiocrasy” of thiscountry!

    1. jamesofthecommons

      The thing is, when talking about enthogens, morality is not even the issue. Yes I can see where morality might be an issue to be considered when discussing say alcohol or meth perhaps,but morality and the enthogens have naught to do with each other. What is immoral however, is locking people in cages for so called crimes involving plants and the natural substances from plants.

    2. Richard Owl Mirror

      Every Resident of Every State should petition their State Government, demanding they RECLAIM their State’s Rights under:
      Title 21 USC Codified CSA > Section 903 Application of State law

      When the Federal Government created their Controlled Substances Act, they merely handed copies to each State Government. Who in turn, made it State Law, without even reading it.
      Section 903 Application of State law reads:
      “No provision of this subchapter shall be construed as indicating an intent on the part of the Congress to occupy the field in which that provision operates, including criminal penalties, to the exclusion of any State law on the same subject matter which would otherwise be within the authority of the State, unless there is a positive conflict between that provision of this subchapter and that State law so that the two cannot consistently stand together.”

      Each State has the legal Right to Add/Subtract/Alter Drug Schedule of any Drug or Compound under State Law. All these States passing medical Marijuana Laws have not done so by utilizing this Section of the Controlled Substance Act, leaving it Illegal under Federal law within the State. If these States would only RECLAIM their Rights, the Federal Law regarding any Drug would be NULL & VOID within the Borders of that State. Petition your State Government, requesting they RECLAIM the Residents Rights under Section 903.

  5. holly

    I’m a nurse and I’ve given every kind of prescription drug you could think of, with lots of really harmful side effects, prescribed by doctors not healers! They’re afraid to allow people to be open minded. They want to keep our children ignorant so they can continue to control us so they can continue to enslave us! The insanity of our American culture comes out of Europe. We do need a revolution and we need it quick because there are no limits to the diabolical levels these guys will go too. If I could wake up the world I’d do it, I’m in!

      1. Casey

        So why do would you think that there is any reason to believe trump will end the war on drugs? Not gonna happen. Like all politicians chump will say what he thinks Iowans want to hear then he goes to New Hampshire and says what he thinks they want to hear. It’s called retail politics and seems like you may have fallen for it.

          1. Screwtape

            I seriously doubt that anyone that voted for Hillary is any more enlighten than trumps fanbase.There was no “lesser of the evils” this time.

      2. Nicknamous

        WOW. At first I thought this was a joke, but no your an ignorant trump supporter, who is scared of anything different from you. Better yet I’ll break it down into smaller catchy words, as not to offend your alt-right sensibility. The man-child who is in the WH right now claims he wants a Nixon type cabinet, claims to love war, (but has never served) sleeps with porn stars and prostitutes(yes he also enjoys a golden shower. That’s what the Russians have on our most biglyest potus. Do you not remember his slum lord days in NYC, his failed casino, book, wine, or how in the late seventies chump had to have several of his father’s friends bail him out of his bankruptcy…I could keep going but I know I can’t change your mind because your among the 38% who voted for him because you 38% think that he is a great business man and you probably think the Apprentice was real and not scripted. I can’t wait to see him horrifically burn down the Republican party; leaving us with a bunch of left wing nut jobs from the democratic party. Oh yeah that would be swell. A bunch of regulations, lobbyists from left wing special interest groups passing laws that take away our freedoms and liberties because we the people may end up hurting ourselves, so the Dem’s will stop us from facing any danger that could hurt our feelings. So thanks for being a truly moronic sheep only voting for one of two parties: when most of America is ready for a third party that truly represents the people, but thanks for voting for the man-child who is screwing up our nation. Don’t believe me go ask the farmer’s in the Midwest and in the South, they tell you how they are suffering from these enactments from the Oval office. Next election cycle just stay home and do something go for America DO NOT VOTE because your just going to hurt our great country even more. I don’t know why you are even looking on a tye-dye hippie website unless your a cop,narc,or just someone who thinks that their way of life is the only way to live. Either of those choices make me sad for you; your dumb enough to think Trump has your best interests at heart, he will protect US jobs, completely block off the border with Mexico, and the whole time your believing how good a potus he is, the man is in the WH getting golden showers from women who aren’t his mail order wife

        1. Nicknamous

          I think everyone here for god reasons should thank Steve Kasian and the rest of the 38% of the ignorant, racist, and all the Fox news followers for all the good things our bigilist potus has brought to us. Just remember that Fox News never lies, misleads viewers, make up false statistics to prove their points, and don’t forget how they treated Megan Kelly. Great job in moving the female professional occupations forward all you Repubs and Trump Chumps, but because those 38% think that men like trump are allowed to get away with sexual harassment, groping, and watching underage female pageant contestants dress and undress in front of him; remember now you 38% put this sexual predator in an office of supreme power just because you watched his TV show and thought he knew what he was doing and he could save the country. Sad…….Reminds me of a Don McLean song, but we Americans have short attention spans. If you agree with me, VOTE IN THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS AND PUT IN MORE DEM’S just so potus can have a hissy fit and get on twitter and lie some more.

          1. David

            God loves all despite your ignorant views and rantings online. Just except that we are screwed. Its easy to blame our problems and short comings as a nation on one person instead of looking in the mirror and realizing our own problems and issues and facing them. Let’s all go online and find an easy target to belittle and get our anger out anonymously so that we font have to deal with our own demons. I don’t agree with many things trump has done but 4 more years of the same bullshit that Hillary would have brought would have been crippling for nation. Some part of the country is going to be hurt by either party. I have seen 100s of young bright people die from the opiate epidemic in my small town and in 90-95 percent of the cases they all where given pain meds that where being pushed by big-pharma. Who failed us, or government for allowing such dangerous drugs to be mass produced and handed out like candy. Nope we failed ourselves our brothers and sisters. When we turn our backs to the least the lowest poor the hungry and homeless we turn our back on god and ourselves. We are in this thing together and WE are the only ones to get ourselves out of the mess we have created. Waiting for one man or woman to take an office and change things is lunacy. One person alone can’t change the way things are going. We as a people can and have to soon. Don’t demand someone else to make the changes for you make it happen yourself.

          2. Jeffrey Lee

            Um. Dude. Chill out man. The other option was HILLARY CLINTON. Lmao. So we should have all voted for her, right? Then everything would be all good, right?

    1. jamesofthecommons

      The insanity of American culture might have originated in Europe, but modern Europe is far more idiologicaly advanced and in general, far more tolerant of a range of natural human behaviors than we here in the US. There is no excuse for the lack of tolerance here in the US. Our backwardsness is our own fault, not Europe’s.

      1. Chuck

        Our backwardness is at the fault of our belief in a Jewish controlled media and banking system.. Jesus save us

        1. Justino

          Did the Jewish media and banking system make you say that backward statement?
          Because Jesus certainly did not.

          If you take entheogens and come to that conclusion, then i have no remaining hope.

          But i bet you took no entheogen, read no gospel, and used some form of editorial media to draw said machinations from.

          Eat some shrooms, read some gospel, and do both in solitude… Then try and muster such bullsh.

          1. Lone wanderer

            W TF? Bahahahaha gospel!? Hold on..i can’t stop laughing….gospel…talk about made up delusions…before nisir christ didn’t even rise from dead…what a joke u are

          2. Nicknamous

            Thank you Justin preach on brother. Power to the people, not to a former slum lord whose into golden showers from Professional working women.

          3. AH ghost

            Bullsh? Believing they don’t own the media is “bullsh”.
            Abbe Raven is President and CEO, David Zagin is Executive VP
            Disney – Alan Braverman is Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary. Robert A. Iger is Chairman and CEO
            Turner Broadcasting – Andrew T. Heller is Vice Chairman
            Sony Pictures
            Andy Kaplan is President of Networks, Steve Mosko is President of Pictures
            Arnold Kopelson – David R. Andelman – Doug Morris – Leonard J. Goldberg and William Sebastian Cohen are Directors, Leslie Moonves is Chairman, Nancy Tellem is Senior Advisor to the President of CBS, and Nina Tassler is President of CBS, Shari Redstone being the Vice Chairman of the board. Her father? Murray Rothstein, now known as Sumner Redstone who is Chairman emeritus of CBS.
            CBS Primetime
            Kelly Kahl is Senior Executive Vice President
            Barry Jossen is Executive Vice President, Paul Lee is President
            Bonnie Hammer, Robert Greenblatt and Ted Harbert are Chairmen
            NBC Universal
            Brian L. Roberts is President, David L. Cohen and Stephen B. Burke are Executive Vice Presidents
            ION Media
            Brandon Burgess is Chairman and CEO, operating 60+ channels
            Comcast Cable
            Brian L. Roberts is CEO, David L. Cohen and Stephen B. Burke are Executive Vice Presidents
            Warner Brothers
            Bruce Rosenblum is President and Chairman of the TV Academy, Ken Werner is President of Domestic Television Distribution, Peter Roth is Chief Executive
            Eric Kessler and Richard Plepler are Co-Presidents
            MGM Worldwide Networks
            Bruce Tuchman is President
            AMC Networks
            Charlie Collier is President and General Manager, Joshua Sapan is President and CEO with a 49.9% share in BBC America
            Dana Walden is Co-Chairman, David Madden is President, Gary Newman is Co-Chairman
            David Nevins is President, Matthew Blank is Chairman and CEO
            Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Oprah Winfrey Network, Science, Velocity and Eurosport
            David M. Zaslav is President and CEO
            The CW Network
            Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff is President, John Maatta is Chief Operating Officer, Thom Sherman is Executive Vice President
            IFC TV and Sundance
            Evan Shapiro is President
            Geoffrey Sands is Chairman, Paula Kerger is President and CEO
            Sony Pictures
            Jamie Erlicht is President of U.S. Programming and Production
            IFC Films, Video on Demand, Apple iTunes, pay-per-view and Blockbuster’s Movielink
            Jonathan Sehring is President
            Mandy Films Inc. and Panda Productions Inc.
            Leonard J. Goldberg is President
            Turner Broadcasting
            Philip I. Kent is Chairman and CEO
            Turner Entertainment
            Steve Koonin is President
            Philippe Dauman is CEO, formerly President and CEO of Viacom
            Shari Redstone is President and CEO, Sumner Redstone is Executive Chairman
            ION Media
            Stephen Appel is President of Sales and Marketing
            Emmys (International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences)
            Bruce Paisner is President and CEO, Arnold Kopelson is Producers Branch, Kevin Hamburger is Treasurer, Norman Felsenthal is Secretary, Darryl Cohen – Gary Ginsberg – John Shaffner are Chairmen, Larry Gershman is Vice Chairman, Malachy Wienges is First Vice Chairman
            Time, CNN, and People Magazine under Time Warner now Spectrum. Owned by Israeli multi-millionaire Aviv Nevo.
            Newsweek by Jane Harmon and Barry Diller.
            The New York Times by Donald Graham. Formerly by Dave Goldberg.
            AIPAC, the ADL, National Jewish Democratic Council and Republican Jewish Coalition control our politicians and give the illusion of freedom of choice.
            Steven Mnuchin — Treasury Secretary;
            The Senior advisors to Donald Trump are Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller. Carl Levin is head of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Diane Feinstein chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee. American Enterprise Institute and the Foreign Policy Initiative, both jewish neocon ‘think tanks,’ dictate warmongering agendas to the jewish-bought Congress. Three jews sit on the Supreme Court Bench: Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Chertoff Group, Anti-Defamation League, and Israeli Intelligence run Homeland Security. Investment Banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup underwrite the stocks of American corporations and thus dictate the offshoring of US jobs to China and India for cheap labor and big profits. David Skorton, President of Cornell and Allan Garber, Provost of Harvard. Sanford Weil, Chairman Emeritus of Citigroup. Susanne Salkind and Michael Schwartz are Associate Directors for the LGBT Lobby Group, Human Rights Campaign. Keshet is a National LGBT jewish Lobby. The jewish-owned IOU bond swapping economy destroying Federal Reserve Bank by Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke was started by Paul Warburg.
            Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg
            YouTube – Susan Wojcicki partnered with the ADL
            Pinterest – Ben Silbermann
   – Bob Rosenchein
            Tumblr – David Karp
   – Doug Leeds
            Instagram – Kevin Systrom
            Whatsapp – Jan Koum
            Linkedin – Jeff Weiner
            Salon – Jordan Hoffner
            Tinder – Mandy Ginsberg
            Netflix – Mark Randolph
            Whisper – Michael Hayward
            Gawker – Nick Denton

    2. Lori

      Dear Holly, You are me. I am no longer nursing because of my great disappointment with what they are doing to us. I would really love to sit and have a very long conversation with you. Because you seem so much a woman of my own heart. And believe me, people like us are excruciatingly rare.

      1. Joey Jurema Post author

        That is normally how it works. The original American revolution is one example of a successful revolution though.

  6. sancha panza

    I heard from a politician recently that the reason most of the psychotropics are banned is because these issues most excite swing voters. A party who made drugs legal would lose the support of these people and lose their seats. So it’s a political safety issue more than anything else. The only thing to do is keep educating and informing and once all the drug ninnies have died out hopefully more informed citizens will repeal these laws. Expect it to take a while though.

    1. jamesofthecommons

      Most psychotropics are not banned, just a few, that most, or a good many people know about. Do some homework and you will find that there is a plethora of psychotropic substances which come from plants which few people have heard of, and the vast majority are legal.

    2. jamesofthecommons

      There is a video you can watch online in which a Nixon cabnet official admits that the war on drugs was declared in order to legally persecute the anti-war left and American blacks.

  7. dik

    Im a lil confused. We make custom shirts for bands, teams, etc. and even do a periodic sale of tie dyed tees that were so the rage in the sixties and seventies. We’ve researched a little about this mimosa hostilis dye and that it makes a kick azz purple color on white fabric. My question is, are the mimosa hostilis trees the same mimosa trees that grow in the gulf states?

    1. Joey Jurema Post author

      I think the kind you are thinking of is mimosa pudica. It isn’t the same thing. Mimosa tenuifloria could grow in Florida if properly cared for.

    2. Dev

      hmmm, did we ever get clarification on this issue? I want to use a non-toxic dying agent to do some sheets…. I also was hoping to use it make an antibacterial moisturizer for the mountains…that alcohol stuff is so drying…

    3. Nicknamous

      No I know the ones your talking about and they are mimosa pudica (haven’t drank coffee yet don’t know if you spell it that way) it’s called a sensitive plant here in the deep south. Plus it is to humid for good cultivation.

  8. John

    It’s just a damned disgrace ~ even if one is talking about Ayahuasca. It’s not a recreational drug and should not be regarded as such by the authorities. You can’t even liken it to LSD or Psilocybin containing fungi. You can’t go to a rave and party whilst taking Ayahuasca (well you can try, but it’ll be a shocker!).
    There is literally no true freedom in the USA. I sincerely hope that I bid it good riddance forever one day.

  9. Jodie Chaca

    There is NO end to the ignorance of the NANNY STATE. We employ heroic measures to medically extend the life a terminally ill person. Then we waste the lives of perfectly well people by incarcerating them for no rational reason. Do you want your tax money wasted on this nonsense? Don’t you care about lives wasted in prison because of “criminal” plants, fungus, tree bark, seeds? Do you like paramilitary forces with automatic weapons waging a war in the United States, against their own citizens? It is not a war on drugs, it is a war on PEOPLE, who do not fall into the narrow minded categories of behavior ordained as acceptable by our politicians who are frequently misinformed.

    1. Tomas

      We need a group with the balls to actually fight back and the problem is we all live so far away we could all protect ourselves and our religious beliefs if we could stick together but we’re all so spread out need I say we should organize a small revolution

        1. Dfresh

          The internet! First, the agenda. Second, post on fb and have those that agree re post and spread the word. Within a short period of time you’ll have millions that have seen said post and groups would gather in most cities, counties and state’s. Just takes 1person to start a revolution.

          1. Ninja

            Dude you guys are awesome I’m down with revolution, unfortunately we may just have to wait for the older generation to die off

      1. Nicknamous

        I completely agree with you Tomas. If we could truly come together(EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US) we could get unjust laws against psychotropic over turned, but the bourgeoisie powers that be are following the old British military strategy of divide and conquer. The power’s that be keep bringing up social and economic issues to create differing sides, thus allowing the one’s in power, to manipulate those of us working slobs into differing factions unable to come together and force a change. It’s sad because I am a Political Scientist and unfortunately I believe if we don’t change who(and how they are ruining the US) is running America right now, I truly believe that we are at the beginning of the end of the American Dream

  10. Jason Eaves

    Hi, I am fighting legalities of MHRB that I was arrested for possessing 56 grams in Iowa. I was arrested April 3 of 2012, and am still currently fighting it. It was marked on the bag “Not for human consumption”, I’m charged with the tax stamp violation and the county attorney wants me to do time over it. Any advice or can u tell me anything from your experiences to help? thanks

    1. Joey Jurema Post author

      How did it turn out? All I can really say is that the police in Iowa can be some real bastards. I mean seriously it’s treebark for making tie dyed shirts.


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