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Today I’m reviewing Gaiana. They are supplied Brazilian Mimosa by a very reputable company. I placed an order with them today and they have been awesome to work with so far. They have a reputation for going above and beyond expectations and I am looking forward to doing a product review of there Mimosa Hostilis when I receive it.

They currently accept payment via cash, bank transfer, western union, and online. With online payment you do have to pay a 3.4% premium to cover processing costs.

Once I receive the Mimosa I will upload some photos of the packaging and product so you can compare it to the other suppliers. I expect it to be top quality though. I’m thinking about having a contest and giving some away to a lucky reader.

If you are looking for a mimosa seller check my page of current sellers here

UPDATE 7/1/15

I recently received another order from Gaiana in the Netherlands. It took quite awhile to get through New York ICS  (Customs) but it worked out well and arrived. Here is a quick video review of that order.


UPDATE 4/18/2013
So yesterday I got a note from the post office that my package had arrived. I admit after reading some of the comments on here, I was a little nervous going to pick it up. It turned out I had nothing to worry about though. I picked it up smoothly and the packaging looks great. It was vacuum sealed and inside of a zip lock bag as well as you can see in the video. I know the white balance is a little off but it is the right pinkish purple color for dye. I took the chance to record a video and now I can show you a quick video review.

Since the color is a little off in the video here are a few pictures I took of the packaging.

2013-04-18 17.05.48 2013-04-18 17.06.10 2013-04-18 17.08.37












What are your thoughts on Gaiana? Have you ever ordered from them? Let everyone know in the comments.

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  1. Hi i have a concern i went to gaiana website to buy m hostilis but it says they only buy bark i didn’t See
    Powdered. And was wondering if that was the way it shows that they sell it

  2. chis

    Hey it’s almost 2015, is this discussion still alive and well?

    • Joey Jurema

      It is. I’m in the process of updating the sellers list. It should be done within the next couple of days. Subscribe to the newsletter if you would like to be notified when it is done. In the meantime Gaiana is still a good seller.

      • John

        I see you said they are still a good seller… I have ordered from them a week ago and my package has been “sent to country of destination.” Can you tell me if anyone has had trouble with customs RECENTLY? It would really be appreciated

      • Artemis

        How much luck are people having getting their MHRB through customs with this supplier as of now?

  3. Shaheed H.Rahmaan

    Trying to decide to order the coarse powder because the fine powder is not available, my question is does it make a difference?

  4. temet nosce

    Has anyone ordered to Eastern Europe? Do they tag the package as dye so I won’t have problems with customs? Thank you in advance

  5. 1shot2

    Just recieved my order today from gaiana,looks nice,so this is one more recomendation for gaiana.I was a bit hesitant of sending cash but bitcoin was a nogo for me and no bank so I bit the bullet and sent it registered,it took a bit longer to get to them that way but is 18 days totals from sending to recieving.

  6. Mind Treker

    received my mhrb today, Australia 8days to get here thanks guys

    • Mind Treker

      not happy posted review on gaiana web site it would seem to had been removed sad if people are look for true and fair reviews they should not be getting removed. I brought 500gm MHRB from Gaiana very happy with service package arrived 8 days later to Australia, prob i had was i only received 1/3 of the spice that i am used to getting out of the same weight of mhrb, could i have made some errors when removing spice? maybe… but highly unlikely as i have done it quite some times now with out a issue. i will try Gaiana again and hope it was my error that caused such a low yield…… anyone else had problems with this product though this vendor?


  7. Jglasto

    I ordered 500g from Gaiana yesterday. I was hoping to get it in time so that I could dye some shorts and t-shirts for Glastonbury Festival later this month! I have only just seen that some people have had difficulty getting it through customs or something? :S
    I will keep you updated.

  8. 1shot2

    I ordered a kilo from gaiana yesterday,will update as info comes available, sent cash registered with usps so Im crossing my fingers,also am in the eastern US

    • Ordered 500gm mhrb from Gaiana on the 29th may, Payed via international bank transfer money cleared on the 2nd June received Tracking number on the 3rd.
      Will up date when i have the light in my hands…
      I have had no problems ordering mhrb in to Australia from other venders and dont expect any problems here…..


    • sean

      How much was a kilo

  9. Has anyone had their order shipped to India…mumbai city…

  10. DeceiTheOne

    Is it safe to register your information in gaiana site?

  11. Spirit

    I’m gonna dye a few shirts then I will let you know what the color is.

  12. Spirit

    Recived my order today. Root bark 2-5 cm chopped. I ground it finer to dye some shirts. The powder is more of a brown. Should I still use? Other photos are more of a purple- pink hue.

  13. Christoph

    At least their “feedback” system does not work. And there is no other communication possibility.
    Hope they are still legit. I ordered something.

  14. Spirit

    Looking to order from here but they don’t give an option to buy it powered. Is it possible they are out of stock? Or will it come powered?

    • TrueLight

      Consensus says that if you order MHRB internationally, make sure you buy it as bark. Only buy powdered nationally. I’m guessing powder form became really bad for business, e.g. intercepted/seized.

  15. Was stuck in ICS new york USPS for like 5 days but finally updated (seems legit so far) will tell you if it arrives

  16. John McKenna

    Anyone had any success with Gaiana lately? Is it safe to order from them and how is the quality? Also is it better to order whole root bark to get past customs just in case?

  17. Lucid9

    Was wondering if anybody here has ordered from Canada and if so did you have any issues? Any feedback is welcome

  18. Mushroom Matt

    Ordered from gaiana a little over a week ago.
    I signed to receive it 9 days after I ordered.
    The color is nice, the packaging was good, and the price was perfect. Will most definitely return for more.

  19. Tim

    How are you making your payments? Is there a way to use a green dot pre paid visa or do I need to figure something else out due to the fact that I don’t have a credit card and I’m most definately not sending cash.

  20. al

    i just received my 2kg order. it has great shipping

    it is from the neth4erlands

  21. 57

    the site is down. missed my chance?

  22. DreaMT

    Just curious but do you people happen to live in the US? I’m just worried about it getting caught when its imported.

  23. 5meodemitri

    I actually found Gaiana and ordered from them JUST before I got your email about new potential suppliers and I just got my second order from them and I love it, customs is never a problem and the packaging is fresh and discreet…My only concern now is I think the ones who know about this source need to keep it on the down low…The last thing we need is an awesome connect like this getting too much attention and our packages getting seized….for the time being though, I will continue to order as much as I can while I can. thanks!

    • 5meodemitri

      oh and the price is well worth it…not quite the old sonoransong prices but since it is harder to come by I am happy about them.

  24. Brody

    Have you received it yet and if so how is it?

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