Avalon Magic Plants Review

avalon_logo1One source of Mimosa Hostilis is Avalon Magic Plants. They have been in business for some time. The domain was registered in 2009. Today I placed a test order with them and will see how long it takes to get here. They have been very helpful through the order process. They currently don’t accept credit cards which is a bit of a pain in the ass but they say they will have credit card sales back up soon.

They sell a ton of different products and just going to there site makes me wish I lived somewhere more tolerant. They sell many different botanicals and mushroom items. It is one of the only places I have seen that actually sells viable mushroom cultures. No more isolating the strain before starting. At least if you live in a country you can order them from. They also have a huge selection of premium Marijuana seeds.

I can’t wait for my Mimosa order with them to get here. When it does I update you all and add some pictures of the packaging and product. Have a Great Time and let me know your experiences with Avalon Magic Plants. You can see the full mimosa sellers list here

Update April 20

Today I received my order from Avalon Magic Plants. It came in discrete packaging and they didn’t use signature confirmation or anything. It was just sitting in the mailbox when I checked it. Luckily it was small enough to fit in the mailbox. The color of the dye looks very nice and it seems fresh. The order was sent on April 9th and was just got here on April 20th. Not too bad for coming from the other side of the world. Below you can see some pictures of the product and a quick video.

2013-04-20 12.48.17 2013-04-20 12.45.42 2013-04-20 12.45.01

To wrap it up Avalon seems like a place worth doing business with. Check out their website it makes me wish I could buy some of the mushroom kits they have. If you would like anymore information leave a comment and I’ll answer any questions you may have. Please share this website if you find it helpful

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Comments (133)

  1. schneller versand tolle qualität wat will man mehr
    danke avalon

  2. Very good quality and good yield

  3. eGo

    Mimosa Hostiles that Avalon has is one of the best i have ever bought. It is very rich in its contains Super easy to handle and i would recommend this to anyone.

  4. Armx

    I am very happy with avalon.the best so far.and thanks Avalon team

  5. Fast. Discreet. And I got dating advice… I know this is business, but I feel like friends. Thanks for being a friend.

  6. Great service.. I cannot be amympre happier with Avalonmagicplants. My orders arrive within 2-3 days and the root bark (mimosa) is perfect for what i need it for. I roccomend this site 1000%.

  7. Michael Kirchhofen

    sowohl das Kratom, als auch die Trüffel sind von guter Qualität!
    schnelle, unkomplizierte Lieferung.
    vielen Dank

  8. Excellent customer service,good quality products. Definitely recommended..

  9. Dete

    Time between order and deliver was 3days(including weekend)

    Avalon is my favourite store for party supply.

    High Quality, fair prices, fast and discrete shipment.

  10. Avalon
    Great quality,
    Quick shipment
    highly recommend!

  11. Citizen VI

    Amazing product, amazing service. Used for the past 5 years with no problems at all! Happy days.

  12. Alex Sesto

    I have been using Avalon for around 5 years. The service is fantastic and always yielded good results. The guys are doing a great service to the world!

  13. used a few times now I wouldn’t go anywhere else

  14. Casper

    Fast shipping and the product seems like nice quality.. hadn’t the time to try yet.. but I looks like the best I recieved the last year .. when I tried it I’ll review.
    Thanks for the fast shipping to Germany and discrete packaging.

  15. Tobias

    Top, sehr zufrieden

  16. Big H

    Cannot recommend enough. Efficiency, straightforwardness, communication, transactions & delivery all perfecto mundo.

    Products fresh, perfectly sealed and, as much as you can’t set agendas with something so reactive, did exactly what they said on the website. User reviews useful too.

    Expected slight nausea on uptake. Nothing untoward. Lasted 3-6 after which no problem eating as/or sleeping. No real hangover day after.

    Atlantis and Utopia were fine. For more volume I found the Dutch, Nex and Dragon blends a bit more fun. Visuals and aural coolio.

  17. Andrew

    It came right on time was exactly what I wanted

  18. Zaine

    Perfect in every way don’t use any other service! Avalon are the one to go with without doubt

  19. Ivan

    Mimosa Hostilis very good quality. Avalon plant Magic is very magic

  20. i had some hallandia truffles they were great!

  21. Detlef

    Thanks a lot for your quick and discret shipment!

    My favourite Webshop

  22. manni

    sau gut !! top

  23. Mateo

    Great quality bark i highly recommend Avalon products. Made an extract almost 1g with 50g of mimosa hostilis bark

  24. Visionsbringer

    Mimosa potency from Avalon is fabulous. It takes the half quantity than normal for an excuisite travel to the unsolved mysteries of human conciousness!

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