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Today I’m reviewing Gaiana. They are supplied Brazilian Mimosa by a very reputable company. I placed an order with them today and they have been awesome to work with so far. They have a reputation for going above and beyond expectations and I am looking forward to doing a product review of there Mimosa Hostilis when I receive it.

They currently accept payment via cash, bank transfer, western union, and online. With online payment you do have to pay a 3.4% premium to cover processing costs.

Once I receive the Mimosa I will upload some photos of the packaging and product so you can compare it to the other suppliers. I expect it to be top quality though. I’m thinking about having a contest and giving some away to a lucky reader.

If you are looking for a mimosa seller check my page of current sellers here

UPDATE 7/1/15

I recently received another order from Gaiana in the Netherlands. It took quite awhile to get through New York ICS  (Customs) but it worked out well and arrived. Here is a quick video review of that order.


UPDATE 4/18/2013
So yesterday I got a note from the post office that my package had arrived. I admit after reading some of the comments on here, I was a little nervous going to pick it up. It turned out I had nothing to worry about though. I picked it up smoothly and the packaging looks great. It was vacuum sealed and inside of a zip lock bag as well as you can see in the video. I know the white balance is a little off but it is the right pinkish purple color for dye. I took the chance to record a video and now I can show you a quick video review.

Since the color is a little off in the video here are a few pictures I took of the packaging.

2013-04-18 17.05.48 2013-04-18 17.06.10 2013-04-18 17.08.37












What are your thoughts on Gaiana? Have you ever ordered from them? Let everyone know in the comments.

76 thoughts on “Gaiana Review

      1. Jae

        When Gaiana ships to the u.s., does it come right to your mailbox? Or do you have to pick it up at the post office?

  1. J.D.

    This will be my second time ordering from Gaiana once it arrives due later today. I have found their Gaia Powder to be great appearance and quality. I received 1 order from the new Avalon M.P. recent past and I don’t know what the world went wrong there, but it’s not had yield whatsoever. As far as shipping even, Gaiana definetly beats all others so far. They are quick, pleasant and have an awesome secure system that helps with customs.

  2. Edabea

    😉 A small clarification, we are not “Adabea” or “Ebeda” we are “Edabea” which in our native language (Euskera:Basque language) means magical concoction – magic potion.

  3. Oman

    I Love Ebeda!

    There Mimosa Hostilis Powdered Root Bark is the finest Mimosa I have found on the internet. It’s a very potent powder that is consistent and easy to work with.

    It’s an extremely fine product at a very attractive cost. I especially love the price breaks for bulk purchases and the express international shipping that makes it through customs every time, usually within 2 weeks.

  4. Joe

    I have ordered from Adabea and found that they are legit an they did send me MHRB powder.

    My only negative comment is that the yield was so low.

    It is like they are selling shit powder compared to the stuff I usually could buy.

  5. red all over

    It doesn’t look like the private sellers list is going out. I’ve requested it a few times and never received it. Could you re-send the current list please?

  6. Jeanie21

    In Western Australia the post office uses sniffer dogs to screen foreign packages. They destroy everything and it doesn’t seem fair.

  7. Tie Dye God

    The last comment here about was from February 2015 and the buyer hadn’t received his order of dye. Are orders still getting through??

  8. John Michael

    I Made an order for mhrb in early march from Avolon Magical Plants. They informed me that they had it in again. I sent away for a key. I alwys use the cash option. Ialays registered the mail, but the last few orders, I didn’t. Everything went smoothly. When I sent this money out, I didn’t register due to finnces and past experience. MY BAD> It is almoste two months later. My account shows the finances never recieved. I have NEVER had that happen anywhere. It happened here. Did they take advantage because of no reg? Did the Post Bus? Who knows. Fact is, I am out 144 cash. With no recourse. I have always been happy with these guys. When I asked if there was a problem, whatever, it took forever to get response, and it was curt I am unhappy with them. If I do biz again, it will be registered. I dont have the bitcoin thing down yet and they dont take plastic. Now, I think I wil have to try adabea. I’m bummed. I liked them. I like my money more. John

  9. Artemis

    I have recently purchased MHRB but shipping is taking longer than normal. Can you give me any information about going through customs? Are any people reporting that they aren’t getting their order through Gaiana?

  10. Diego

    So I was on the all three sellers websites, and it when I go to pay it says €30,00. I went to convert this to us dollar and its says that’s equal to more than $30,000 us dollars. I guess I’m a little confused on prices, could you clarify a little?

    1. Brady

      I believe the Euro system uses commas whereas the us system uses decimals and then vice versa so you should just need to swap the comma with a decimal


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