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Edabea is a ethnobotanical supplier based in Spain. They have been in business for a few years. From my research it looks like they could be a valuable supplier of Mimosa Hostilis.

Update: I made a test order through Edabea and got great service. It seems to be taking longer for anything to go through customs now so it took 17 days to arrive. 7 in transit and 10 sitting in NYICS. Here is a video review of the product




You can get to their site here


If you have any experience with them or decide to give them a try please leave a comment and let us know.

92 thoughts on “Edabea Review

  1. Sudo-Nyhm

    I was sent 250g of this bark as a sample. fast delivery and top notch product. I was somewhat lazy in making my dye and still had fantastic results. created a very deep purple color. everyone said they had seen nothing like it before. would order again no question.

  2. Bork Bork

    I’ve purchased MHRB from Edabea numerous times and my parcel always arrives within 3-4 days from purchase every time, (except once when my order was placed during national holidays) the staff at Edabea were quick to respond to my email and assured me I would receive it,
    I only purchase the fine shredded MHRB and not the Powdered for a number of reasons,I get more out of the shredded without the hassle of grinding down the unprocessed root bark, and obviously the legality of shipping the fine powder plus, I enjoy the final
    stage of processing produce and find it yeild’s the best results for me 1.2% , 1.5 on a great day which I’m cool with.
    I don’t need to look elsewhere for MHRB, IF there were a problem with my purchase an email would surely resolve it.

  3. Iain McPherson

    Great Bark always sent fast and always great product.
    Will be back soon. Highly recommend.
    Hope you continue your fantastic work.

  4. BorNoj

    Very responsive and fast service. Great customer service. High quality product!!! I will be back for more… 🙂

  5. jonboy

    i´ll keep this short the shipping was super fast but the bark is very very poor i´ve had bad suppliers before and i could always salvage a fair amount of spice but this is rubbish , ive still got 700 grams left and im not gonna waste my time with the rest! if the owner of this company thinks im lying i will send joey the rest so he can try it!

    1. Edabea

      I assure you that something you have not done well (you can send what you have left for Joy to verify and tell us all that he thinks). Experienced users (see comments below) extract on average 2%.
      “Sometimes we see the straw in the other’s eye and we do not see a beam in our own”
      It’s a spanish saying, I do not know if the translation is correct.

      1. JONBOY

        its funny how you tell people that dont like your bark they dont know what they are doing then come with an insulting spanish saying! ive had years of experience “its not rocket science” just check my last review s for other venders! also why do you edit your own reviews ive spoke to 4 people now on nexus and there reviews have been removed because they said your bark was ok but not the best” if you tell me you dont then you are lying! joey can see my email address so its up to him to send me he´s details but i dont know if he is allowed to review the product because of legal reasons! but if he can then he knows my email and can send me is contact details! just one more thing we also have saying in english just like in spanish mine is ” ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY” REGARDS JONBOY

        1. Edabea

          I will try to explain, in parts:
          I have not insulted you, the saying is not an insult, it is a reflection, if you feel insulted when reflecting, it is your thing, not mine.
          You have insulted us, it is very easy to do it from “anonymity”, saying that our mimosa is rubbish, when we work very hard to offer a quality product, which I am very sure we offer, at least of the same quality than the other European suppliers that are advertised on this site.
          Certainly, you do not have to be an aerospace technician, but if you have the experience you say you have (the first step to being ignorant is to presume to know), you know that any small mistake gives the fret a good extraction.
          I do not know what you mean by Nexus, where have we eliminated reviews? This site is not ours and of course Nexus either, we can not edit or delete anything.
          I am so convinced of the quality of our product, that to the first 10 that ask for it (they can be contacted through contacto@edabea.com), we send them free 250 grams of mimosa to each one, the only thing they have to do Is to leave a valuation of the product here.

          1. jonboy

            dmt-nexus is a dmt forum! you do edit your reviews its amazing your site as not got one bad review ever! do you think it means anything you sending free samples? the fact is the bark you sent me is rubbish get over it mate ! and i will not trust you because you do edit your reviews! i dont want a fight with you my friend shall we agree to disagree? regards jonboy

          2. jonboy

            sorry i forgot this was my order number so you dont think im some troll ! Order Reference 000024551. best regrds jonboy

  6. jennifer xlarj

    Bought mimosa finely shredded and it’s totally legit. great packaging and fast shipping.

  7. Tellurium

    Placed my first order with Edabea recently—2kg purple dye. Shipping was pleasantly fast and packaging seemed secure. I have not yet had much time to analyze the M. hostilis bark quality in detail, but my initial experiments have been quite successful!

    Definitely recommend!

  8. Arthur

    Placed an order and received product in about 3 weeks. Not customs problems at all and with great discreet packaging. The product itself is an amazing consistency and of high quality. Produces high yield % and fairly potent. Edabea will be my source for high quality dye from here on out, I recommend to all!

  9. Cameron Flegg

    Let me start of by saying I have placed a few orders with Edabea now. In the past their shredded Mimosa produced a fantastic dye, however this last batch I suspect was ACRB and not MHRB.

    The two produce a similar, although distinct bark, largely due to the lack of tannins and fats in Mimosa. This is one of the main reasons I enjoy MHRB, as it produces a consistent and distinct dye. This last batch (1kg) however produced an inferior dye that reminds me of when I was working with acacia bark, which bothers me because ACRB can be obtained for about half the price. Further orders will not be made by me unless Edabea addresses this problem, hopefully they are not intentionally deceiving their costumers.

    1. Edabea

      We told you in private and we say it again in public: we know very well the product we sell and we know how to differentiate the ACRB from the MHRB, have you ever thought that you could have made a mistake during the extraction process? Or that is unthinkable for you, only the rest are capable of making mistakes.
      Take care.

      1. Daniel

        Has anyone ordered MHRB dye to the Uk??? If so, what was the experience? I just ordered 250 grams and I’m curious if it will make it past customs.

    2. Zach

      I can tell you, as a top customer and a recent 3KG order just made a week ago, that Edabea is indeed and always has provided 100% MHRB (Jeurma Preta). There is absolutely no mistaking this bark as ACRB. I have been a loyal customer for over a year. Every shipment I’ve received has been spot on.

    3. Steve

      I have ordered Many times from Edabea and I can assure you they sell 100% (MHRB) it is the best service and product I have had, I highly recommend using Edabea, all I can say about Mr Flegg is you are the one making the mistake not Edabea.

    4. Intrepidtree

      I have been ordering from edabea for almost two years and have never had any issues with bark quality, it has always been low in fats and oils and does not require a defat, this includes recent orders (received 10kg one week ago), all extracts have come out as they usually do, high quality stuff!

  10. J C

    I ordered 2 x 250 grams of powder from Edabea on Nov 30th and received it Dec 14th. I’m in Canada. Considering the holiday season this is a good turn around.

  11. Colby jack

    Another purchase for mimosa this time shredded never powdered this batch and still making excellent product. Thanks to the source for timely delivery and high content plant. Fresh and worthy.
    <3 always

  12. Joey McBlowey

    Shipping was fast and cleared Customs with no problem.

    Delivery was on time as expected and with zero drama.

    This product is of the highest quality and we give it 2 thumbs up!


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