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Edabea is a ethnobotanical supplier based in Spain. They have been in business for a few years. From my research it looks like they could be a valuable supplier of Mimosa Hostilis.

Update: I made a test order through Edabea and got great service. It seems to be taking longer for anything to go through customs now so it took 17 days to arrive. 7 in transit and 10 sitting in NYICS. Here is a video review of the product




You can get to their site here


If you have any experience with them or decide to give them a try please leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Brother Bear

    I am very happy with the quality of bark from this company. Fast service, discrete shipping, and I got exactly what I wanted 😉 I will be using this company again in the very near future!

  2. willcifer

    Ordered in mid July. Order shipped very quickly and arrived much quicker than expected–around a week or less if I recall correctly. The powder is very finely pulverized. My expectations have been exceeded and I would definitely recommend Edabea!

  3. Zackery

    Anybody have any recent orders through this supplier???

  4. Notxsale

    Best MHRB powder you can find on the market. Fast and discrete shipment

  5. Avant

    I Highly recommend Edabea !! Great product, prompt and stealthy shipping !! Just a great service minded shop !! I will return for more.

  6. humble psychonaut

    very satisfied with the order. they are responsive and helpful, order was shipped fast and arrived in a week. the dye is dark and strong, very easy to process.

  7. Shaun

    First time ordering from this site.. Every step of the process was smooth and swift. Package was received on time in discrete packaging and the purple dye was of the highest quality I’ve yet come across. This supplier is truly a blessing. Will he ordering again.

  8. Michael R.

    I tried 3 or 4 suppliers, and all had a light tan color product that produced hardly any dye at all. I did find a decent one but his price went up about 125% in one shot. So I tried Edabea, a very small order since they were listed as a foreign company and I had recent trouble with a South American firm’s package never getting to my home here in San Francisco. I was surprised in a nice way that it arrived within a few weeks and was probably , for it’s price range, the best I’ve seen yet. I made then a larger order and just as quick, with no trouble at all, there it was. I can’t rate them any higher.

  9. iRoNY

    First of all this company has amazing costumer services, they do answer whatever ur question and absoulety they work corporate! i always choose like this corporate companys. Second their mhrb result is very GOOD QUALITY and POWDERED MHRB they send. I used my credit card for buying no trouble and they really really have good costumer services. i used buy 2 times from them my first delivery comes 9 days (balkan area east europe side i dont want give my country name for police factor) 2nd delivery in 11 days.
    I wish all of u guys good travels!

  10. Michael Bradford

    I placed an order with edabea and everything was perfect. Customer service was great, they were very willing to help out with any questions I had. I received my order very quick and just as described. I’ll definitely be placing an order with them again. I highly recommend edabea.

  11. Alexis Lodico

    Me and my girlfriend ordered mimosa powder 250 grams.

    Customer service from Edabea’s perfect, and it was suppppper fast!

    Overall ,best customer service and love. A great product, highly happy, and will come back 101%. Thanks earthlings!

  12. Master Chief

    Edabea has never let me down. The quality and service can’t be beat. I will not be looking for another supplier as long as they exist. I am grateful for Edabea.

  13. Anonymous

    Have never had a an issue with Edabea and have had multiple orders completed. Best quality and discreet service around. Will not be looking for another supplier as long as they are around. You can be confident in purchasing anything from Edabea.

  14. Brandon

    I ordered mimosa seeds and 250 grams of MHRB from Edabea in January. Package was sent on the 14th, arrived just today – February 15th.

    Customer service from Edabea’s owner Arturo, and his staff, was fantastic. Very pleasant and understanding. They were very quick to complete and mail off my order once they had received payment.

    Order was well-packaged and discreet. They were kind enough to provide a little extra because I sent off more money than I needed to (€85 instead of €81 because there were no banknotes smaller than €5).

    Overall, outstanding customer service and respect, plus a great product means I definitely recommend Edabea as an ethnobotanical supplier. Thanks guys!

  15. Loyd

    Has anyone ordered from Canada? And if so, what was your experience?
    Thank you

    • Tyler

      I did, took about 3 weeks to come in (most of the time was it sitting in customs) the quality is pretty great and it’s pre-powdered. They dont label it as mimosa either so you don’t have to worry about customs.

  16. DB

    Ordered MHRB and it is excellent quality. Purchased with Bitcoin and there were no hitches. Customer service was also great.

  17. Great product weight was slightly over took about a week to arrive but was great made top notch dyes.

  18. Cole

    Great product on point and produced excellence dye

  19. Juan Carlos

    Yo también compré mimosa en Edabea. Una pregunta, al mezclar con agua, se deposita en el fondo, hay que beber también ese polvillo o solo el líquido? Gracias

  20. Amo Roden

    Edabea has been great so far. I emailed them because my CC payment had an error. They responded within 2 hours in pretty decent english, and offered me other payment options. I later completed the order with Bitcoin. Within half an hour they confirmed that they received my payment and the tracking info sent me showed the package was shipped early the next morning.

    Just wanted to post this here, I will update when my package arrives, but Edabea has been fantastic to work with. Very fast and reliable. Just hope my present makes it through customs!

  21. Patrick

    So after reading some positive reviews and reports on reliability, I took the plunge and ordered 2 x 250g = 500g from Edabea. They packed and shipped my order within 2 hours of making a credit card payment, so far so good! I will update on shipping time to Canada and quality of the product once I receive it.

  22. Randy

    Placed my order, 2/18/15, received package 2/25/15. Weight checks out. My first purchase of MHRB and the color, pinkish purple, is what I was informed it would look like.

    900 gms, $221.

  23. Randy

    Haven’t received my order yet and while the website communications are challenging the emails for instruction to make payments in English were outstanding. Had a tracking number the next day.

  24. Seacht

    I contacted these guys. Your prices aren’t accurate. They sell 50/100/250/900 Grams. Beware, the dude/chick who responds to the emails does not speak English.

  25. Samu Hietanen

    are you still runing buisnes? how much it costs to send 50g mimosa hostillis to finland?

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