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I have been searching far and wide for new sources of Mimosa Hostilis. If you know of one please leave a comment about it. Through my searching I have found several options for purchasing MHRB in Europe, USA, and Mexico. Here is the rundown of what I have come up with so far. I will be placing test orders with each supplier to see how long it takes to get here and if it even does.

Seller Seller Country Time from order to Arrival 50g Price 500g Price kg Price Payment Options
Gaiana Netherlands 17 Days $20 $107 $176 Bank Xfer, Cash, Bitcoin
Edabea Spain 16 Days $20 $108 $171 Cash, Bank Xfer, Bitcoin, Security CC
Realdye** Mexico / US 2-4 Days $30 $130 $260 Visa, Mastercard, Other Credit Cards, and Bitcoin
Avalon Magic Plants Netherlands 15 Days $25 $110 $165 Cash, Bank Xfer, Bitcoin

***All costs include approximate shipping to the US prices will be be different depending on where you live. Also it is with shredded bark
**Prices Include discount for Bitcoin


Gaiana is a great seller and has been in the smart shop business for years so if you are looking they are very reliable.

Edabea is good. They are based in Spain and I continue to hear good things about them.

Realdye has good shredded root bark and fast shipping in the US.

I just re added Avalon to the list after a hiatus. All reports are that they have a good product now.

Please Leave a Comment about your recent experiencing ordering Mimosa and let everyone know if you found a great source.

If you sell Mimosa Hostilis and would like to have it listed here please contact me by leaving a comment.
update: Thanks for sending me sources everyone who has. I won’t post them on the list until I do some verification but keep them coming!

Due to privacy concerns of some sellers we also have a private Mimosa Hostilis sellers list. This list is only available to subscribers. It is free to subscribe and it will get you several benefits.

  1. Exclusive Sources – A monthly emailed list of sources that is complete as I can find.
  2. Great Deals – Coupon Codes for use at some suppliers only available to subscribers.
  3. It’s Free. (I’m considering charging a fee for this list in the future but if you get in now it’s completely free. All I need is your email address.
This list will give you access to info on suppliers who are not listed anywhere else on this site. More Info Here

Updated 6/9/2016

Comments (229)

  1. JohnnyComeLately

    Do to Google interfering with bulk item uploads to big online store sites as of March 2017 all 100% of MHRB listings in sites in example like are no longer permitted. What occurs is when I want to hers an example go sell an illegal AK47 or bath salts or artificial Marijuana or Salvia Divornum on them they 1st may be flagged for automatic removal by a robot and or manualy by administrators/moderators there, now if it makes it through this here what happens a robot on ebay or on etsy an individual decides on a list of whats called KEYWORDS these are used in the google store uploads and linked to the item for sale. When you type any of these keywords in a google search they help bring you to the item for sale. Apparently Google with its experience in 3rd world and communist totalitarian countries simply recognizes these KEYWORDS as being circumspect or banned and removes them. Then Google contacts the site administrator and threatens them to on their own remove these banned items from the site. Another result of this is you will not see COST PER CLICK Google adds to right of your search results either.

  2. jonboy

    i ordered some root bark from Shamanconnection 27 days ago and they have not replied or sent me any product im not a happy camper! so beware of this site!

    • monte

      It’s a SCAM! They got me too. They wait 45days “to clear PayPal records” then send a fake tracking and will not return an Email.

  3. Zach

    I have used ShamansWisdom/NuWisdom/NuEnlightenment from eBay (they all work together and have great feedback). The ship time is very fast! But the product itself is amazing! I guess the price is a bit high but for domestic(USA -USA and Canada) with no customs it works. The yield was double what I usually get. No goo, and all Xtals. I’ve also used Jadesunset. I belive their bark to be ACRB. No STB. Lot of plant fats and color isn’t right. Also I’ve used Dreamcatcher on eBay (Germany) not powdered but very high quality bark as well. His ship time is very long though. I hope this helps some people! If you go eBay, the best is ShamansWisdom/ NuWisdom/NuEnlightenment.

    • Joe schmo

      Thank you sooooo much been looking forever for a review on these vendors I’ve been skeptical about using ebay

  4. Kdogg

    Has any1 used RealDye recently?

  5. Joseph

    Real dye’s product is great

  6. Dustin

    Shamanconnection didn’t work out for me. No communication after payment.

  7. A little world traveler

    .MX Jose the Frog who based on what I know may very well be robbing people left and right. After traveling to San Cristobal De Los Casas in Southern Mexico I had the pleasure of running into Dutch, German and French Travelers whom had all been approached there by Jose the Frog .MX seller and who had has their fronted money stolen. In 2012 Jose the Frog had a contract on him for these rip offs. He has made completed sales but has also taken many buyers money and run with it. Just seems to depend on what mood hes in. I am very sorry for these victims.

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