Bulk Mimosa Hostilis

If you are looking for large amount of mimosa hostilis you probably shouldn’t order it from outside of the country you are in. I have seen quite a few horror stories with it coming through customs. If you do decide to order from outside of your country make sure it isn’t powder because this could happen.

From what I got from it he shouldn’t have ordered to NZ and he shouldn’t have ordered from outside his country. Luckily if you live in the USA there are many suppliers who you can order from right here in the United States.

In my opinion if you order in the US from the US you really don’t have anything to worry about. If you are paranoid though you can always use cash.

My Favorite Spot to order from is the reason for this is privacy. It is the only place you can order with cash. If you want to use cash all you need to do is go to a local store that sells amazon gift cards and pick one up with cash. After that you just go on amazon and order. This is the only place I know of that you can do this. Amazon is slightly more expensive than other sources but if you are the paranoid type it is totally worth it.

Here is the current info on Mimosa Hostilis Suppliers

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  1. Guy

    Is this still active?

  2. Jamie

    Is there any place in washington to get the bark

  3. justin gibert

    Would you . Please list prices in $s also

  4. Joey Jurema

    All of the Domestic sources for Mimosa Hostilis that I knew of are currently not selling. Please see the legal page for more info.

    • keelan

      You are right there are a lot of people in American who are now afraid to sell Mimosa hostillis. Do to all the shut Downs of these various companies. How ever you can check in the different head shops or smoke shops and there are a lot around and you will be surprised at what you can find. There are some around that order things for people from different companies and have the order shipped to there shop. Then you can either go to there shop and pick it up or they can mail it to you and then its shipped to you from within the US. They are out there you just have to do some research. If all else fails just use the deep net.Good luck.

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