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Important: The Information below is outdated and neither of these suppliers are still operating. There is a more up to date info Click Here for the most up to date info about Mimosa Hostilis Suppliers still operating.

So you’ve found out that Mimosa Hostilis is legal where you live and you would like to buy some for yourself. The next question is where to buy MHRB. Currently there are several good options. I have tried to do some research on where they are located and get some customer reviews to make it easier for you to make an informed decision about where to buy MHRB. Here is what I found.
On there website the offer fast shipping from the US. Other names they have gone by are celestial source and They sell Brazilian Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Powder. There domain is hosted with GoDaddy in AZ. They previously used paypal but like all other stores selling Mimosa they were shutdown in October 2011. They now use for payments. Before 2012 they were based solely in Brazil but they were stopped by customs very often. Here is a quote from there website from that shutdown.

“10/29/11 Well folks, we have discontinued sales of our Mimosa natural dye. It appears that the USA customs is now having reluctance to allow passage of this remarkable dye. MIMOSAHOSTILISROOTBARK.BIZ is now a simply ‘parking space’. Instead of regret we simply wish to express gratitude towards each and all who perpetuated the movement of these vital energies. It’s truly been a blessing.”

Since then they have setup inside the US with a distributor and you won’t have to worry about losing your mimosa hostilis in customs.


Sonoran via
This is probably my favorite place to order and buy mimosa hostilis root bark powder. It is great even if more expensive than other sources for one primary reason you can use untraceable cash. You can create a new account on and order with a gift card. You can buy these gift cards with cash at Walmart or many local stores. This is really the only way to order without a trace if you are the paranoid type.

Check Here for the most up to date info about Mimosa Hostilis Suppliers still operating

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  1. Jojo

    Sorry Melissa but fuck amazon and fuck walmart. Both of these corporations utilize slave labor. there are several websites these days where you can find MHRB.. although more expensive than it used to be.

  2. Alibaba has it. They have special customs agents. It is not illigal, but the oversea vendors are experienced in export. They don’t have customs issues and they sell root bark extract powder aw high as 200:1

  3. Denise

    I would love to get in touch with my inner spiritual being

  4. Joukal

    For someone in the states is it simpler to grow it or to buy some bark? Also where could I get seeds?

  5. John

    I live in a region where minosa hostilis is a native species. 🙂 they are everywhere!

  6. I went to to check out their products and it was just a search engine. It referred me to other sites. Could you possibly post the link?

  7. Caden

    Hey wondering about Sonoran via Amazon? Is Ayahuasca Powder the same thing help me out here guys…

  8. josh

    hello. im intrested in some mimosa root bark. I would like to start with a kg.

  9. Floyd

    Me too ordered from cactusplaza on 13 May 2013 but no tracking numbers, although they told me it was already shipped.,so i will wait for several weeks and find out what happen..

  10. Zinky

    Anything on yet??

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